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Hi my name is Maxine and Iím 44 years old and a cross dresser I recently visited a UK based TV dressing service; some may call me transvestite, TV or tranny. Whatever name you use for me basically means the same. I am a man who just loves to dress up in womenís lingerie, clothes and high heels, not forgetting stockings of course.

I live in the Manchester the North West of England and for many years I have been cross dressing, I decided to visit a UK based TV dressing service and wow am I glad I did. I was searching the web as we all do, getting ourselves lost in all the fabulous information, websites and photographs and was looking for a suitable transformation service and quite by accident came across Dress Me Up. I have been trying to perfect my make-up and feminine style for years and decided to treat myself and seek help and assistance from a professional UK based TV dressing service.

Maxine at UK based TV Dressing

I contacted JJ at Dress Me Up and within minutes we were laughing and joking like we had know each other for years, JJ really puts you at ease . I booked my appointment there and then for the UK based TV dressing service and although it was 2 weeks away before my visit I couldnít sleep with excitement.

Let me tell you I am extremely glad I did as when I arrived for my 3 hour dressing appointment JJ put me at ease within minutes due to her wicked sense of humour, oh and by that way JJ is extremely classy and stunningly beautiful. There is an utterly fabulous array of beautiful clothes available for transvestites of all shapes and sizes. It makes a refreshing change that JJ caters not only for young TVís or TS but for people of my age and well above, there is something for everyone. All descriptions and photographs you see on the website are spot on, what you see is what you get, the clothes are just incredible

When JJ had finished dressing me and completed my make-up I nearly fainted at the extremely feminine image that stared back at me in the mirror. I could not believe it was me; I was so impressed that I swear I had a hot flush right there and then. JJ then continued to put different wigs on me and wow just look at the difference from auburn to blond, then a wonderful glossy brunette. I will definitely be returning to Dress Me Up the UK based TV dressing service with the wonderful JJ.

Maxine in wigs at UK based TV Dressing

Thank you JJ, youíre incredible.

A New Woman
Maxine X dresser


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'