Transgender Shopping Service


Firstly telephoning about the transgender shopping service, I called JJ and asked if she could purchase false nails and stockings as I did not know what to buy. JJ told me that she offered the transgender shopping service and I could go along shopping with her but I was not quite ready for that yet. Instead I opted for JJ to purchase them for me and made an appointment to see her. The day had arrived and shaking like a leaf, I nervously knocked on the door. Clearly I was in no state to have used the transgender shopping service. The door promptly opened and there stood the most immaculately dressed, beautiful lady who welcomed me in and offered me her hand.

My nervous male handshake made her wince but, no matter, I had made it and I felt sure that I was about to have a unique and memorable experience wondering what would await from the transgender shopping service. I was invited to take a seat on a beautiful black leather settee whilst JJ went to make me a much needed cup of tea. I was still shaking nervously when she returned with the tea, which she served in beautiful china and with chocolate fingers as an accompaniment. At first we chatted generally and then onto the subject of cross-dressing and my earliest recollections of my journey at eight years of age.

It was reassuring to talk to someone so supportive and understanding and I immediately began to relax. She touched upon the transgender shopping service, letting me know she had what I had asked for. At the same time reassuring me that soon I would be ready to join her on the transgender shopping service. Still a bit unsure about what exactly would happen with the transgender shopping service, I asked her to explain. When she told me the transgender shopping service would mean me joining her on a shopping trip fully dressed and made up I was both exhilarated and scared at the thought. Still the seed of a transgender shopping service had been planted in my mind for the rest of the day.

Just like one of those songs the words “transgender shopping service” just kept coming back to me as you can see. Having finished my cup of tea I was shown to the bathroom where my beautiful pink lingerie was laid out ready for me to change into. A moment’s regret, but only a moment, that I hadn't been able to choose these on a transgender shopping service. Once changed, I stepped into the pink high heeled slippers, negligee and robe and made my way into the boudoir where JJ was waiting to begin my transformation. JJ had purchased some beautiful false nails and eyelashes on her transgender shopping service for me.

The first stage was to fit and paint my gorgeous false nails which seemed to set the scene for what was to follow. Already I was thinking what it would be like to join JJ on her transgender shopping service and buy the nails myself. At this point JJ explained that she would prepare my skin for make-up doing a deep facial cleanse then applying a face mask as I relaxed I was treated to a session of hypnosis for relaxation as JJ is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. The sceptic in me did not believe that it would work, but how wrong could I be! The feeling of peace and comfort was truly amazing and something that I look forward to experiencing again soon, very soon!

She might even relax me like this before a trip using the transgender shopping service. After what seemed like hours JJ returned, removed the mask and sent me to the bathroom to remove any traces of half-a-days beard, definitely something to be avoided when I use her transgender shopping service. When I returned she started to apply my make up to give me the most natural sophisticated look that I craved. Explaining as she went she applied first the foundation followed by eye shadow, mascara and a wonderful set of false lashes. Foolishly, she enquired what colour of lipstick I would like to which I said “What do all us girls like?”

The answer was of course; red and duly applied it was time to select some clothes. How I wish I was ready to look at clothes with JJ on Her transgender shopping service. Having removed four inches from my waistline with a beautiful corset tightly laced I was handed the most exquisite gold silk blouse to try-on followed by a figure hugging black pencil skirt. Perhaps in future, when I'm ready, I'll get these through the transgender shopping service as well. At all times I was prevented from looking in the mirror until the transformation was complete. A pair of five inch stiletto court shoes and a wig of JJ’s choice and I was ready to be unveiled.

Just makes you think, all these wonderful things, I could be getting with the transgender shopping service. Odd how ideas like the transgender shopping service get fixed into your mind so your mind keeps returning to them. With my eyes tightly shut I was led to the mirror. All the time JJ was saying to me

“Wow, you are going to be blown away!”

Then came the moment, and as I opened my eyes there stood the most gorgeous shapely female that I had ever seen! (With the exception of JJ- of course!) All I could do was stare at my reflection and keep repeating “Amazing!” and thinking me, like this, with JJ in a shop using the transgender shopping service “Heavenly”

I had to sit down with the shock but JJ made me a sweet cup of tea with biscuits and we chatted and laughed and talked about my next look just like girlfriends do. Yes, the transgender shopping service came up as well. JJ and I choosing an outfit together, what could be more fun. The conversation was easy and enjoyable; JJ has a great sense of humour which she puts to good use! “Chloe!” she announced, “that is what we are going to call you”, following which I greeted my reflection saying, “Hi, pleased to meet you, my name is Chloe!” and Chloe was born, a walking talking living doll. Practising my walk in high heels, walking up and down to the full length mirror to give me confidence and improve my deportment. Something I'd need when I take the plunge and use her transgender shopping service

“You are going to take photos of me aren’t you and put me in your gallery?” I enquired.

“Yes of course, don’t worry your pretty little head” was the reply.

Shortly afterwards it was time to return to the drab side, the worst part of the day as all you girls know, time to take off those beautiful feminine clothes and put Chloe safely back into her box until next time. Perhaps next time I will actually take JJ up on her transgender shopping service and go along with her. I have to admit the overall experience was fantastic, far better than I could have imagined and left me eager to return for more. JJ is top class, highly professional, discrete and above all great to be around and really lifted my spirits. Indeed with JJ at my side I could go anywhere with the transgender shopping service.

Whatever stage you are at in your journey, take the time to stop and pay JJ a visit or perhaps go on the transgender shopping service experience yourself, you won’t regret it. Certainly thoughts of that trip to come with JJ and her transgender shopping service preoccupy my mind.

Kisses from a fabulous New Girl
Chloe xxx


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'