Transformation Transvestite


Hannah Marshall, a transformation transvestite, is pampered and preened at Dress Me Up and in the process is put under the hood dryer for her hair to set in rollers. Hannah is so relaxed and comfortable that JJ asks if Hannah would she liked to be hypnotized into thinking she is a Stepford Wife and Hannah eagerly accepts, the most wonderful adventure ensues, here is Hannah’s story as a transformation transvestite. You know girls; Germaine Greer tried to tell us all to burn our bras. But as a transformation transvestite all I can say is I don’t want to burn my bra. I want to try on the matching panties and suspender belt too.

The frillier the better please! This is my life as a transformation transvestite and as a Stepford Wife I spend a lot of time taking care of my appearance. My husband, Mark, loves me to be as well turned out and as feminine as possible. He is a senior partner in a law firm and money’s no object. He’s so kind and gentle with me. While Mark’s at work I spend my time at coffee with friends or having a giggly girls’ conversation over lunch. Of course one of life’s luxuries as transformation transvestite is to spend time in the beauty salon or having my hair done. A friend recently recommended the perfect beauty salon at Harrods.

You can have many beauty treatments, plus it has a hair salon and personal shopping which you can do all in one session. While I wait for my hair to set I spend time looking through the Voller’s catalogue at corsets. Full petticoats and a corset allow for the perfect Stepford Wife figure just what a transformation transvestite needs. Although I have a full facial, hair removal etc.; I do love to include a pedicure and manicure as transformation transvestite girl still can’t help fussing over her appearance. As I wait to go under the dryer I buff up my nails so as to look my best. The luxury of having the personal attention of my hairdresser and having my nails done makes me feel so feminine perfect transformation transvestite.

Personal shopping at Harrods is wonderful for a transformation transvestite. A pleasant young lady of my own age comes to me and we discuss what I want to buy. She then searches the store for the clothes I want as a transformation transvestite and brings them to me in my private dressing area while I’m having my hair set. Mark said “Make me proud when I walk into the ball with you please,” then kissed me goodbye and went to work. Well what’s a transformation transvestite girl to do! So, I had to spend a whole day looking for a ball gown for the Lawyers’ Annual Ball in London. I think the beautiful pink ball gown hanging behind me is so stunning. I can’t wait to try it on as soon as my hair is finished.

My hair clip is made of real diamonds and sapphires that Mummy bought me for my last birthday. She said it gave her such pleasure to have a transformation transvestite as a beautiful daughter. Mummy and I are very close. We chat almost every day on the phone. Mark says, “What on earth do you find to talk about.” Well, clothes, jewellery and make up mostly. What else is there for a transformation transvestite? What better for a transformation transvestite than to lunch with their close girlfriends? After the beauty salon I arranged for my new ball gown to be delivered and then my thoughts turned to lunch with my friend Annabel.

As Miss Renshaw, headmistress at my old finishing school used to say, “petticoats and stockings in place; check your lips are pretty and red; apply some perfume and the world is your oyster young transformation transvestite ladies!” How right she was. Of course every girl loves her figure and we transformation transvestite Stepford Wives are obsessed with ours. The layers of swishy petticoats under my skirt are simple, understated, a Betty Paige black dress gives me the full hips that I love and my favourite corset trims a couple of inches off my waist. Transformation transvestite Stepford Wives often have a hand on our waist to accentuate our hourglass figure.

Being a transformation transvestite is quite hard work and I think I will have a glass of pink champagne while I wait for the dryer to finish. Step ford Wives who are transformation transvestites like me can’t help but wear petticoats under our dresses. When I sit I always ensure that I cross my legs elegantly and allow some of my petticoat to peep out. Other ladies love it; so do the gentlemen! Everyone seems to love the dainty femininity of the transformation transvestite Stepford Wife. Hair done, make up perfect, hair clip back in place and time to make a last adjustment to my petticoats and stockings prior to leaving the fabulous beauty salon as a transformation transvestite.

Harrods has restaurants on every floor so we transformation transvestites never need to book as all the maître d’s know us anyway. It’s never difficult to get a table when your husband is a wealthy lawyer and you are a pretty transformation transvestite Stepford Wife. A sweet smile at the door and the maître d’ guides us to our table. A final retouch of my lipstick before having my rollers removed and my hair clip placed back in my hair before meeting Annabel. She is married to a millionaire businessman and we compare notes on our husbands over a green salad lunch and glass of pink champagne. Light and refreshing just what a transformation transvestite needs.

She admired my petticoats and I told her my transformation transvestite secret; when I teased my husband the other day that he loved his vintage Ferrari more than me he roared with laughter and said, quite firmly “You little minx” and pulled me over his knee. He pushed up my petticoats and gave me a light spanking through my panties. “Wasn’t that terribly humiliating?” giggled Annabel. “Yes” I said, “lovely!” “I simply must tease him more often.” Fabulous in pink, now calm down girls and don’t go into shock, just let me explain. I returned to Harrods the next day in tears and panicking as it was only two days to the ball. What could a transformation transvestite do?

I couldn’t wear the dress as it simply didn’t suit my hair. Well, my personal shopper and hairdresser sat me down and gave me a cup of sweet tea to calm my transformation transvestite nerves and dried my tears. After a long chat they persuaded me that I looked too good in that dress to change it and I must consider changing my hair style. All us transformation transvestites know how difficult it is to grow your hair and then have it cut but my hairdresser was so confident that he had the answer that I put my faith in him and closed my eyes and hoped. After the cut he persuaded me that every transformation transvestite goes blond once in her life and so here I am.

I was so nervous when Mark came home from work on the Friday night that I’d had my hair restyled. I decided to come down the stairs when he called me from the hallway hoping our grand staircase would give me the perfect setting and he wouldn’t be angry. Wearing my ball gown and opera gloves with my jewellery on and perfect make up I, the prefect transformation transvestite, walked down to him. He beamed the broadest smile at me, swept me up into his arms, my petticoats swishing and said “baby girl – you look so cute!” How wonderful is life as a transformation transvestite Stepford Wife. Well tonight’s the night for the transformation transvestite to go off to the Lawyer’s annual ball.

Mark is in his black tie and looks so tall and handsome. I am in my pink Yves Saint Laurent ball gown bustling with my petticoats on underneath and with another of my favourite dresses in the background, a classic transformation transvestite. I spent over £3000 on a stunning pink silk dress and with my new blond hairstyle I must say that I feel wonderful, a fantastic transformation transvestite.There is no feeling on earth as good as looking perfect in ball gown, my jewellery sparkling in the light and my make-up perfect as usual.

I have spent all day getting ready (much to Mark’s amusement) and the final touch is to spray myself with a liberal application of Channel No5. When we walk into the Lawyer’s annual ball at the Grosvenor House in Park Lane, Mark will be so proud of me as we meet his partners and all the women will admire my dress. “Oh darling you look beautiful, and your hair so brave of you and what a success!” I am of course transformed forever in my mind as a transformation transvestite but there is no harm in a trance to build a dream. And dreams can come true.

Hannah xxx


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'