T Girl Next Door


I have been dressing at home, exclusively for my own pleasure, for some time. I am the T girl next door that no one knows about, I just love feeling feminine. Although I loved the feeling of feminine clothes; the tightness of a corset, the swish of lace, the sensation of stockings rubbing against each other on my legs and of course the splendour of high heels, I always knew when I looked in the mirror with a wig on, that I looked somewhat ridiculous and would probably fulfil the general publicís image of a transvestite.

But curiosity drove me to Dress Me Up. The website seemed to speak to me. Here was somebody who genuinely loved silks and satins, frills and flounces and who wore them so superbly. The impression I received was of a person who really enjoyed transforming her clients into wonderful feminine creatures. Although I was really looking forward to the experience, I have to admit I was quite sceptical as to whether little old me could be made into a beautiful woman.

But amazingly, that is what she did.

I am really proud of the beautiful woman who looked back in the mirror after JJ had spent time doing my make-up and selecting appropriate clothes and hair for me to wear. Photographs were taken and, to my amazement, those photographs show a sexy, confident woman who I would certainly aim to chat up if I met her at a party!

Oh, one other thing. JJ herself is totally gorgeous, and a lovely person. If she can do for you what she has done for me, then you will be a lucky girl!

Girly Kisses

Katrina x

Miss Katrina
T-Girl next door

Miss Katrina
loves to play!

Miss Katrina


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'