T Girl Make Over


From Our Special Correspondent - Katrina

This is it. This is how cross-dressing should be, I contacted JJ for a T-Girl make over. JJ is the person to make those dreams come true. Everything about her establishment says “Quality”.

From the presentation of her website you know that you will be in good hands. And then appointments are made in a friendly manner (you speak to JJ herself) and the directions to her dressing apartment and “joining instructions” make it clear that she is a professional in the truest sense of the word, which includes complete discretion in her contacts with her girls.

But that is all before you enter the delights of her apartment. Of course she herself is gorgeous and one feels privileged to be in her presence. It is immediately apparent that she really does love helping men to realise their full female personality. She takes immense care over your make-up, and then you meet the WOW factor. The amazing array of beautiful clothes she has available for her girls (because by now you are a girl). The rail of ball gowns, wedding dresses and the like has to be seen to be believed, and then there are maids and sissy outfits in all colours and a full range of other delightfully feminine costumes.

JJ provides all the underwear needed (always scrupulously clean) and of course the corsets – my fantasy – into which she will lace you to produce that hourglass feminine figure which we all crave. And then there are the shoes and the wigs. Oh, it’s heaven. You won’t want to leave.

So you would like to be a showgirl? This is where you will find the sequins and the feathers. Perhaps you have hankered after being a French maid? JJ will make it happen – and you will probably be drilled in your duties as a maid. Sissy maids will find a fantastic confection of costumes set off by layers and layers of petticoats and you will have to learn to curtsey. Or you could be a stunning, blushing bride or a debutante going to a ball to meet your Prince Charming.

The choice is yours, JJ may dress you in slutty clothes or make you her princess, she will pamper you and indulge your whims. Once you have been to see JJ you can be sure, once seen, never forgotten and you will likely be back for another taste of that forbidden world.


The very lovely
Miss Katrina

Lovely Katrina
doing her duties

Beauty Counter girl
Katrina - mirror


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'