Sissy Crossdressing Service


I live in Birmingham and although I had visited a sissy crossdressing service before they only had a limited number of sissy maid uniforms and no lingerie. That is when I decided to take a good look around at what is out there in the big wide world for a sissy maid that just loves all the satin and frills associated with a sissy maid’s uniform.

Dress Me Up ticked all my boxes and I had an in depth conversation on the phone with JJ before booking my appointment, she was so kind and understanding. I am quite obsessive with detail and wanted everything to be perfect. Crossdressers of the world let me tell you the uniform’s that JJ has are immaculate ranging in different sizes and colours. All have the accompanying little matching satin panties with lots of frills and even matching suspender belts.

Sissy Crossdressing Service – Photographs of Little Miss Fluff Ball

Girdle or corsets were available at the sissy crossdressing service to shape my figure and give me the ideal feminine look. A corset does so give you the perfect hour glass figure and I was amazed at just how it pulled my waist in and made me feel so much more of a sissy maid than I had ever experienced before. Exceptional white stockings with a lacy top of course attached to my pink suspender belt felt wonderful when I moved and it pulled on the stocking tops. A pink bra and a pair of delightful breast forms that bounced and wobbled when I walked but they felt so good giving me the hour glass figure I always dreamed of.

Crinoline and foamy frothy multi layered petticoats went on top of the bra panties and suspender belt; in fact I had 3 petticoats on under the dress as you can see from my sissy maid photographs. I was wearing a uniform dress for formal special occasions in fabulous pink. I have never seen such wonderful sissy dresses at a sissy crossdressing service before with even a choice of apron, a small very cute one in pink satin trimmed with pink organza or a full white organza that was see through and really frilly to go over the front of the dress to show off the puff sleeves.

Sissy Crossdressing Service – Sissy Maid

A frivolous frilled bow mounted on a barrette with little pink ribbons that gently caressed my face whenever I walked was put onto the delightful dark wig, I had matching pink nail polish and lipstick. My make up was evident but subtle, as I wanted to be so pretty and not over done. A pair of pink satin opera gloves complimented the dress perfectly. Whoops nearly forgot the slip on mules with pom poms in feathery pink marabou.

Sissy Crossdressing Service – Sissy Maid Serving Tea

I felt so wonderful as if I had died and gone to sissy crossdressing heaven, I had to pinch my sissy maid derriere to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Sure enough I wasn’t I was still at the sissy crossdressing service with JJ. I know JJ was only a dressing service but she did a little roll play with me which was such fun to serve us both a pot of tea, although I did try returning the tray to the bathroom by mistake instead of the kitchen and spilled a little tea, silly me, JJ then made me clean the bathroom floor which is understandable really and secretly I did enjoy cleaning that floor.

Would I recommend Dress Me Up as a sissy crossdressing service? Of course I would without a shadow of a doubt and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Pink lipstick kisses

Sissy Crossdressing Service with lots more of my Sissy Maids

All the sissy maid uniforms you see on this page all belong to Dress Me Up so there is plenty of choice no matter what colour you love. Uniforms in all sorts of fabrics from satin to cotton, PVC and latex.


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'