My Cross-dressing Experience


From having made my first phone call to confirming the booking with JJ from Dress Me Up, my cross-dressing experience was well on the way to being realized and a lot of anxiety had been removed from my shoulders, the next step was to arrive or more to the point do I or donít I arrive at all?

Of course I was so excited but very shy but JJ made me feel secure and my cross-dressing experience was to be so memorable, exciting and finally happening. Having entered into the apartment so clean and tidy JJ lead me into a lounge area for a little chat to calm me down and talk about my journey of discovery so far with a well needed cup of tea, although I must admit my cup and saucer were rattling so much because of my nervousness. Then I was directed to the bathroom to change into a pink chiffon baby doll set, hold up stockings and pink slippers what a feeling it was.


What came next? We went through into the makeup room, first a relaxing face massage and facial to prepare for the transformation, JJ all the time is talking with me and making me feel more and more comfortable every step of the way. My nails are then painted in a nice red nail varnish; a glass of wine also arrives. Then itís the makeup not over done just right to make me look so fem, every little detail is not too much trouble for JJ as she is a perfectionist I would say. Next is the wig, and then comes the best part for me putting on the dresses and my cross-dressing experience is really coming into fruition.

A perfect fitting corset, suspender belt and white stockings what a wonderful feeling on my legs, then the dress and all the finishing touches, the transformation is complete but not allowed to look in the mirror until JJ is happy that everything is perfect. Then its close your eyes turn round now open them, is that ME! So beautiful, I was stunned but with a huge smile across my face and I really donít know how JJ does it, but she did and for those few hours I was that special princess.


After countless photos and quick changes into something else before you know it the time is up. JJ is a fantastic and sophisticated lady and my cross-dressing experience I really am glad I didnít miss.

I am definitely coming back for more



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'