Male to Female Transformation Service


Thank you so much for the male to female transformation service. The visit was the first made to Dress Me Up. I arrived with a mixture of embarrassment, anticipation and nervousness. I was very warmly greeted and within minutes put at ease with discussion on what I wanted to achieve and what personality my femme self had. I was at a loss at this stage as I had not considered the personality of my female self, Helen; but JJ helped me considerably with her male to female transformation service.

JJ was able to tease out who Helen was even if I didn’t know. This led to JJ deciding what look I should have and quickly understood my preference for glamour and long flowing gowns and long blond hair (to make up for my own short grey and thinning hair).


Following the beauty treatments (now I understand what pampering is) the make-up session started and, how does it go, a sow’s ear became a silk purse. First a bridesmaid dress, then the ultimate in femininity, a bridal gown.

What a lovely experience and I thoroughly recommend a make-over. My only regret is that such chances to repeat the male to female transformation service will be few and far between. But I will return when the chance arises.

Many thanks and kind regards



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'