Makeover & Dressing Service


From the first contact with the makeover and dressing service that is run by JJ, I knew that I was dealing with someone special. The prompt responses and precise arrival details showed all the hallmarks of a very well-organised lady. I arrived a little early and entered the very modern residential development with the usual excitement and trepidation associated with the expectation of something special: as my first encounter with the makeover and dressing service was to prove.

On first meeting JJ I was immediately in awe of her stunning appearance and immaculate attire as well as her polite manner. She soon put me at my ease and after a short chat it was down to business in the quiet and immaculate surroundings of her makeover and dressing service. First I was directed to a candle lit bathroom where a warm foam bath was waiting. Having luxuriated in the experience and used the various skin preparations, I was directed to change into a pink baby doll and pink high-heeled slippers.

When my change was completed I was called through to the makeup department of JJs makeover and dressing service where the real work began. First the nails were coated with several layers of deep red and finished with a protective top coat. I was given a complete makeover and dressing service facial, followed by a mask to prepare my face for the transformation. JJ is a very experienced beautician and her skills are well practiced.

She transformed her plain canvas into an item of beauty whilst I drank glass of fine wine chatting like old friends. Finally a beautiful gown and matching shoes from the extensive makeover and dressing service collection of quality clothing. Matching accessories completed the transformation before the first view in the mirror. How the frog had become a princess! Countless photos followed but the three hours flew and before I could believe it - it was time for Louise to be put back in the box.

The total makeover and dressing service experience was almost spa-like with the personal attention of a gorgeous and sophisticated lady who oozes style and class. A makeover and dressing service experience not to be missed. So until next time - and I am already counting the days - au revoir JJ.



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'