Liverpool Makeover


Liverpool is a city where dreams can so often come true. The city of the Cilla Black, the Beatles, Sir Simon Rattle, drag queen Lily Savage (although her male persona Paul O’Grady was born across the river at the other end of the Mersey Tunnel … but we shall forgive her!), and that incredibly beautiful lady who blazed the transsexual trail in 1960s England – the fabulous April Ashley. Would the city of scousers make my dreams of a crossdressing Liverpool makeover come true as well; and where could I find the Liverpool makeover of my dreams. I was beginning to despair but then inspiration struck. I decided to cast my net just a little wider, throwing it on the other side of the boat.



So when I had almost given up searching for my ideal Liverpool makeover, I found your dressing service in Cheshire: just across the River Mersey in Merseyside and so conveniently nearby for me. I was so glad when I found the courage to give you a call and book my first crossdressing Liverpool makeover appointment. You were so reassuring when we spoke. I just knew that all would be well. So I jumped into my car and set off for your fantastic apartment with a song in my heart. And what was the song? Ferry cross the Mersey, of course, as I drove southwards across the river for my Liverpool makeover. You will remember that I was so nervous when I arrived. But you put me at my ease right away.



Chatting so naturally about my femininity, about the girl within me. And then my Liverpool makeover began. First you suggested that I should slip into some exquisite lingerie … so very pretty. And then a satin robe, feeling so wonderful, as you began my make-up. Moisturiser, foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara, lip liner, lipstick … all so incredible. And all the time you were applying my make-up you explained how to achieve the best results, remembering of course to use the best products. Then a gorgeous Liverpool makeover blond wig, with the hair tumbling down over my shoulders. I couldn’t have felt more feminine in your wonderful boudoir.



Your Liverpool makeover made me feel so perfect. Then I tried on a beautiful lace dress, just on my knees. And, wow, the hat you chose for me to wear … the result was fabulous. But more was to come: I had always dreamed of being wearing a wedding dress. And this was yet another Liverpool makeover dream coming true, especially when I got to wear a tiara and veil. I never thought that I could look so incredible. And so happy, just as a bride should be. All too soon my crossdressing Liverpool makeover appointment came to an end. But it left me all the more convinced that I should return very soon. So my first visit for my Liverpool makeover will not be my last. And before too long I shall be making that trip across the Mersey again. Thank you so much, JJ, with hugs and kisses from your Sophie




'Who said, dreams can't come true?'