Feminization Transgender Hypnosis


Feminization transgender hypnosis was part of my latest crossdressing experience and when I arrived JJ welcomed me in to her wonderful apartment. JJ was looking perfect as ever we first had a chat over a cup of tea about what we would be doing for the rest of the day. I had booked several hours as I never want to go home.

We decided to do the makeup and dress me in cream blouse and black pencil skirt then go for coffee at a local coffee shop and this time I was to order the coffee, ooh how exciting. After which JJ was going to do a feminization transgender hypnosis session as JJ is a fully qualified hypnotherapist.

Having returned to the apartment JJ made me comfortable on a sofa fully dressed in my feminine attire, lots of lip gloss of course and ready for the feminization transgender hypnosis session, I was very excited and didnít know quite what to expect. JJ was very professional and reassuring and told me all about feminization transgender hypnosis and how it worked.

I was asked to put my arms by my side and find a point on the ceiling and to concentrate on the spot; it was not long before my eyelids began to feel very heavy that I couldnít keep them open any longer. JJ was talking to me with relaxing music playing in the background as I could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper down into the sofa. JJ starts with suggestive relaxation of having you visualize each part of your body relaxing from the top of my head and working all the way down my body to my toes. Just relax, relaxing more and more, at first I felt as if I couldnít relax because I was stressed with work but then a sense of lightness came all over my body and I felt as if I was floating.

JJ is so calm her voice so soft the music blends with the tone of her voice, no rush just calmly talking to me about how feminine I was, how beautiful I looked. I cannot remember ever feeling so calm with everything around me she put so much into this hypnosis session that my mind and body were totally the mind and body of Michelleís my feminine woman was truly emerging not only physically but spiritually and mentally. The experience was truly amazing and I cannot wait to see her again. I have so much confidence in what she does and says to me at all times, to have met someone who knows how you are feeling and be so relaxed because you donít have to hide your true feminine self away or lie to bury your feelings is wonderful, it makes you feel as free as a bird and totally relaxed.


The session sadly came to an end all too soon although we did manage to fit in an array of different lingerie outfits, feeling so sexy and nothing is ever too much trouble for JJ. She insists on perfection every time she does your makeup and styles you. You have no need to worry she will make you look the best you possibly can be and so relaxed you just canít wait for the next time. I will definitely be having one of her feminization hypnosis sessions again and purchased one of her wonderful Mp3ís.

Kind regards
The Feminine Woman Within
Michelle X

P.S. Whoops nearly forgot that is me in this video - we went out shopping. Enjoy !


I know you have wanted from a young age to be feminine and set free that woman hiding inside you. Or perhaps you are a male looking to explore your female side or a cross-dresser perhaps transvestite wanting to improve on your look. A feminization transgender hypnosis session is the perfect way of doing this. To achieve a more feminine look, talk with a more feminine voice and feel like the woman you want to be inside and out. Within all of my feminization transgender hypnosis recordings I have taken advantage of the latest technology available that will fulfil your wants, needs and desires.

In production terms my feminization transgender hypnosis recordings are of the highest quality and take you very deep into alpha/theta awareness with opening your mind and body to change via an MP3 download. I also offer a face to face in person, feminization transgender hypnosis session where you can come along and I dress you fully in female clothes of your choice from lingerie to dresses, skirts and blouses etc., as I have a very large selection of clothes in many different sizes.

Your hair and make-up will also be done by me and then an in depth feminization transgender hypnosis session will take place which is even better because its live but in the interim period should you wish to be introduced to feminization transgender hypnosis then please do visit my sister website www.hypnosis-feminization.com where you listen to clips then purchase of a lot more.

Feminization transgender hypnosis MP3ís, now just click on this link. Should you wish to visit me in person please call me on the above telephone number or email, even complete my contact form. I look forward to helping become more of the woman you really want to be. Kindest wishes JJ xClick here to find many more Feminization Transgender Hypnosis Mp3's


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