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Feminization hypnosis was part of my crossdressing session today and it was another brilliant day but I shall have to visit again. JJ is a qualified hypnotist and did feminization hypnosis before we did the crossdressing it was really superb and got me right in the mood to be a beautiful woman. There are so many sumptuous gowns, dresses and outfits on JJ’s rails at Dress Me Up, all waiting to be worn once JJ has worked her magic to transform me from an average male to a highly desirable woman.

It’s addictive. JJ is fantastic at her craft. She knows so well how to pamper her 'girls' who recline in that chair while facials, moisturisers, make up and so forth are applied, and she really puts you at your ease. It is evident how much she enjoys doing that and I guess her reward, certainly my reward, is when her subject is turned around to face the mirror to see that the duckling has been turned into a beautiful swan.

My recent visit was a first as far as hair colour is concerned as JJ put me in a blond wig which I would not have expected to suit me; but once a gorgeous full petticoat, wedding dress and veil had been added - WOW! I just loved it.

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What will I be next time? Maybe a sissy maid or a well dressed secretary you never know with JJ, she is always full of surprises? Perhaps a sophisticated evening dress with a fur stole? Maybe . . . But I let JJ decide for me as she has such great taste and I know that she will select an outfit and all the accessories to transform the person who walks in through her door into a beautiful, ultra feminine new me. Sadly, the session has to come to an end, but there will always be a next time and of course I do have the feminization hypnosis mp3 to listen to.

I am really proud of the beautiful woman who looked back in the mirror after JJ had spent time doing my make-up and selecting appropriate clothes and hair for me to wear. Photographs were taken and, to my amazement, those photographs show a sexy, confident woman who I would certainly aim to chat up if I met her at a party! Oh, one other thing. JJ herself is totally gorgeous, and a lovely person. If she can do for you what she has done for me, then you will be a lucky girl!

Girly Kisses

Katrina x

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Feminization Hypnosis by Stephanie

Let me begin by saying "wow!"

Feminization Hypnosis, JJ tells me, is light and frilly and totally feminine on the feminization and heavy on the relaxation, and I can most certainly attest to the heavy relaxation and the wonderful way I felt with the feminization! In the past I have found difficulty in achieving a depth of trance I was happy with. With this file, JJ repeatedly and consistently seduces my mind and body into calmness, then relaxation and then, ultimately, blissful and irresistible somnolence but with a feeling of ultimate femininity.

With her relaxing voice in my ear, Feminization Hypnosis slowly and inexorably moves through induction after uncompromising induction, every one of the inductions increasing my relaxation and desire to become a beautiful woman. Whilst simultaneously loosening my obsessively analytical mind's grip on the waking world. JJ leads and I am happily compelled to follow her through some of my favourite scenes, enjoying the sensations of my consciousness letting go. Feeling my body tingle and twitch, almost like vertigo, as I approach the precipice to that long and comfortable drop into sweet subconscious surrender. As I stand on the edge, she once more gently whispers into my ear, just one lovingly soft, final push, and I am gone.

I just love feminisation and did enjoy this deep relaxation process that encapsulates Feminization Hypnosis. JJ has quite effectively proven to me that, given the right stimulus delivered with the perfect precision that she can take you deep down into an incomparable trance that she can now thrust me into at her whim, I can and will believe and enjoy everything she suggests. It should have come as little surprise, considering how deep into trance I knew Feminization Hypnosis had sent me, that after the file had finished and I had turned in for the night, I should then dream of being such a woman as described in Feminization Hypnosis.

JJ’s feminisation files will entrance you, they will take you deeper than you have ever imagined. It will liberate you as you embrace your femininity. Even if feminization hypnosis is not one of your regular interests, you should not miss the free-fall experience of sequential, mind-blowing inductions.

Loving your feminization hypnosis,
Stephanie x

Feminization Hypnosis by Nigella

Such a potent combination, feminization hypnosis and cross dressing, either alone would be marvellous but together with each complementing the other the experience is stunning. One of the most intensely delightful experiences I have ever had. One which you will want to savour again and again. Already the desire to visit again is irresistible to me. Feminization hypnosis helps to prepare your mind before the make-over begins in earnest and then when finally dressed more feminization hypnosis strengthens your appreciation of your feminine side once dressed. Naturally as well, being attired as a woman reinforces the suggestions of the subsequent feminization hypnosis. How can you deny feeling like a woman when so perfectly made up and dressed, how perfect?


Above all JJ is a consummate expert in feminization hypnosis and cross-dressing. Her professionalism is evident from the outset and just as important she displays a genuine concern for your wellbeing. Her use of feminization hypnosis aims to liberate you from the constraints placed on you by society so that you can embrace and explore your feminine side. From the start JJ is an expert in her feminization hypnosis, the easy introduction as she takes subtle control of you simply through her gorgeous voice. I say subtle because every word seems to serve the purpose of bringing you into a light trance without you really being aware of it, a foretaste of the feminization hypnosis to come. You chat about this and that, all the while JJ is getting you to that place in your mind where you need to be.


Indeed where you want to be. When, your mind has been opened to her feminization hypnosis the further pleasures of being a woman simply through this association of being with JJ in her boudoir, the preliminaries of putting on the lingerie and stockings she has chosen takes place. Much as you may have ideas about what you want to wear, I often imagine myself with a classy sophisticated look, by this stage JJ has skilfully exerted her style and you are thrilled by whatever she has placed before you. Not even caring how she intends to dress you later. Curious how her choices are so perfect, will you be a bride or will it be a simple pink dress and cardigan? Anyway, with a short dressing gown covering the lingerie and wearing a cute pair of pink mules on your feet now is the time for JJ to properly prepare your mind with feminization hypnosis.


Layer upon layer of inductions and deepeners in the feminization hypnosis take you down into the deepest of trances. Surprisingly deep perhaps but that is where you wish and long to go. Your mind eager to hear JJ’s exquisite voice speak the words you ache to absorb, that you are a woman under her feminization hypnosis influence. Each word of the feminization hypnosis brings with it an indescribable pleasure so that soon your whole being wishes only for the truth of her words and you feel your body changing for her and of course for yourself. Feeling the pleasure in the way she desires you to, for that is one of the delights feminization hypnosis can bring, to experience pleasure as a woman does. Once you have absorbed these words from the feminization hypnosis another delightful time is in store.


Expectantly you approach her dressing room. Already you feel so special, a warm happy glow from the feminization hypnosis spread across your body heightened still more by thoughts of what is to come. Directed to the reclining chair you sit yourself down happy and content from the feminization hypnosis. You lean back awaiting the start of your transformation, for truly that is what will happen. JJ has an undoubted skill at bringing out the best of a woman in us all. When all is said and done, being pampered by JJ, whether it be applying a glossy red nail polish or preparing your face cleansing and moisturising it, being made up has to be one of most satisfying parts. How often can you say such a beautiful woman has looked after your face with such care and attention?


Not only do you have the pleasure of watching her absorbed in the task while you too are fully focused, both on the enjoyable process of being made up and on JJ herself. Enjoying the mood instilled by the feminization hypnosis. She is happy to chat when times allow but woe betide you if try to talk at the wrong moment and smudge the lipstick but all is in good humour. Her intense and happy concentration as she adds the eye shadow or the lipstick, you looking this way and that as she asks you to look up and then down. Eager to return your gaze to JJ’s face as soon as possible because she is the centre of your life at that moment. Smiling at her evident enjoyment as she sings along with a song playing in the background. Wondering how she has chosen to highlight your eyes, what colour of lipstick will it be? Red I hope.


Always delighting in her choice, never worrying how you might look. Indeed, how could you after the feminization hypnosis. She knows precisely how to accentuate some features and diminish others to make you look your best. Unlike the make-up you sometime see JJ understands when more subtle colours are required. Our ideal is to look like a woman and not some caricature. Colour schemes, the appropriate skin tone for the foundation, all are important to the final appearance. Next a wig to complete your transformation into the beautiful woman JJ knows you can be and as the feminization hypnosis has prepared you to be. Will it be blond or brunette, as ever you defer to her choice? Sitting as calmly as you can, though full of excitement and anticipation, mind full of thoughts of what you will look like.


Those glances at the lipstick tell their tale but your eyes and face, who can say. Of course you know you will be perfect, it couldn’t be otherwise with JJ. At last the moment of truth arrives and you turn to face yourself in the mirror. All sorts of emotions go through you mind as look upon yourself, a beautiful woman just as the feminization hypnosis said you would be, you try to live in the moment pushing back any thoughts of having to switch back, ‘Not yet, I want to stay looking at the girl in the mirror’. Just being happy and utterly content that at last you are a woman inside and out with feminization hypnosis. While you sit looking into the mirror transfixed by your reflection JJ has been sorting out your clothing so when she tells you to get up all is revealed. Putting on the clothes you feel such joy and satisfaction as your desires are fulfilled. The smells are wonderful, the sensations of the soft colourful fabrics tantalise every nerve end.


Dressed as a woman, face and nails ready you’d be forgiven for thinking this is the height of your time with JJ and may wonder how it can get any better but it does because now you are ready for more feminization hypnosis. Your body flush with the delight of your outer look matching your inner feelings opens your mind to JJ’s words of reinforcement. During the feminization hypnosis her seductive voice heightens your enjoyment and creates a remarkable contentment with the expression of your feminine side. Everything is as it should be, you have found what you have been searching for all these years, all through feminization hypnosis and cross-dressing with JJ, perfection personified.


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'Who said, dreams can't come true?'