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I am Gwen a part time CD or TV who has used dressing services for some time now, I have been dressing for more than 12 years and would love to do it more often. I love to explore my feminine side, through dressing and transforming into Gwen. Gwen is my alter ego who is a far cry from my normal life as a business man. Applying make-up and seeing Gwen emerge in the mirror of dressing services in front of my very eyes is so exciting! Long beautiful nails, jewellry and finally a wig and I feel almost complete! A dash of perfume and Gwen is almost reborn.

The final touch, I slip into a tight body-shaping corset which shows my lovely sexy new cleavage. The work of the dressing services is almost complete. Then slip into a pair or leather pants or a leather skirt. The finishing touch would be a leather jacket and a pair of soft leather gloves. I love the smell and the feeling of soft sensual leather on my skin. Gwen is finally transformed and ready for another photo session with Dress Me Up dressing services or even an outing or adventure! I love meeting new friends and to meet understanding real ladies.

Recently I realised the one dressing services dream I had wanted for years. To dress in a stunning wedding dress and play bride to be. I found this amazing lady JJ who has dressing services with the most amazing web site and phoned for a dressing services appointment. To my horror she was fully booked and I had to leave the UK the next day. So I could not stop dreaming about my return to the UK one day soon to visit Dress Me Up and use its dressing services.

When I arrived back in London I phoned to confirm a dressing services appointment immediately, hired a car and headed up to the North West. I drove for five hours from London to meet JJ and experience her dressing services. Wow, I was bowled over by her beauty and pleasant adorable nature in which she handled the whole thing and her dressing services are second to none. I woke early thinking about the day ahead, and could never ever have imagined that it would be the best day of my life. I was so excited I headed off in the wrong direction, and then got lost.

I imagined my dressing services day to be ruined with my stupid errors. Instead JJ phoned and calmed me down, then proceeded to come and find me. What a wonderful sensitive lady she is.I imagined my dressing services day been ruined with my stupid errors. Instead JJ phoned and calmed me down, then proceeded to come and find me. What a wonderful sensitive lady she is. On arriving at her apartment I was bowled over by her beauty and the amazing dressing services apartment. I immediately felt relaxed and at home. JJ asked me to remove my shoes and enter. The place is awesome and so well furnished. Stylish, classy and very elegant, on entering the dressing services room I was overwhelmed by all the amazing outfits on display.


Including some of JJ's own personal awesome corsets and outfits. Then JJ showed me the stunning wedding dress she had and told me this was the one for me. I could not believe that soon I would be wearing that stunning dress. First I had to go to the bathroom and remove my old male clothes and dress in the most beautiful sexy pink underwear. Then I was told to sit and face the huge mirror on the wall. JJ proceeded to do my dressing services makeup. This she did so elegantly and I looked at myself thinking Gwen you are home with Dress Me Up dressing services.

JJ then told me to stand with my back to the mirror. She then proceeded to help me into the wedding dress of my dreams after slipping on a stunning pair of pink heels. First the so sexy hooped petticoat which made me feel like a dressing services fairy, and then I could feel my whole body tremble as I stepped into the dress. It was finally happening, JJs dressing services was working its magic on me: I could feel the lace and satin touch my skin and I slipped into another world. Gwen was going to be a bride at last with JJs fabulous dressing services.

The next few minutes seem to take hours as I was not allowed to turn and look in the mirror. The dress was finally on and the lacing pulled tight, JJ then placed a veil and tiara on my head. Then the final finishing dressing services touches, the long soft white satin gloves that slipped on all the way over my elbows. I was also given a small bouquet of creams roses but all I wanted to do was spin around and see myself in this awesome outfit. But I had to wait JJ was playing with my mind and teasing me, I felt the urge to spin around.

Instead JJ made me shut my eyes and promise I would not peek, she then slipped her ever so soft yet steady hand into my satin gloved hand and told to turn around slowly leading me over towards the mirror. JJ then made a few final adjustments before stepping away. I could feel every inch of my body in this awesome dressing services outfit trembling as I knew it was only seconds now. JJ then said I would be blown away by what I would see when I opened my eyes. I told her I was ready to cry I was so excited, once again she told me to promise I would not cry as it would ruin my make-up.

Time seemed to have stopped until JJ said Ok Gwen you can open your eyes. At that moment I was too scared to open them but did and I lost my breath, was it possible that this stunning dressing services bride looking back at me was me, or should I say Gwen. I suddenly realised this was the real Gwen and that I would love to be Gwen all day and all night long, how I was ever going to be able to return to my other boring life and old tired clothes. Gwen wanted to be Gwen fulltime. An hour or two of fun and photos, and I felt like a real bride with all the dressing services attention on me and the photos rolled on.

Unfortunately as they say in the classic all good things must come to an end. However JJ said if I wanted to dress in another outfit I would need to change as soon as possible as time was moving on. At first I was not sure if I wanted to change or spend the rest of the day as Gwen the bride. However my better judgement made me take the bold step of taking the dress off, at first I felt hollow inside and very disappointed. Little did I know what was installed for me next by JJs incredible dressing services?

In no time I was standing with my back to the mirror again. JJ was very busy handing me clothes and changing all the time, then finally I was told to turn around again. Oh my goodness! I could not believe my eyes from a stunning bride to awesome sexy classy girl in minutes. Once again I could not believe it was me, and this time I looked like a classy sexy dressing services Gatsby Girl with furs and netting. Amazing and so fabulous. JJ is the most beautiful lady with a talent I cannot describe to make her dressing services girls feel a million dollars in any outfit for any occasion.

My day had to end and I left feeling hollow and empty inside knowing that it would be months before I would be able to return again from South Africa to one of the UK unique dressing services treats again.

JJ I want to thank you for being so special and for the best day of my life, one I will never forget, ever! I look forward to visiting you and your dressing services again soon. Until then hugs and Kisses from a gobsmacked admirer of your awesome talents. Love Gwen xx

Love Gwen xx

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