Dressing Service Wales


It wasn't my first visit to a professional crossdressing agency, nor my most expensive; but the dressing service Wales is EASILY the best! Just over the border in Cheshire, so handy for the Northwest, close by motorways and near mainline rail connections to the North, South, and East. And I knew that many of JJ’s clients fly in to the nearby international airports from Europe and beyond. Truly a UK and international dressing service! But I rush on ahead of myself.



The foundations for my visit to the dressing service Wales have been in preparation for some time now. I have been living as a woman 24/7 for the past three years, I have received much help and a positive diagnosis of gender dimorphism from our wonderful NHS. And then two years of hormone therapy as well as laser treatment for facial hair removal. So far, so good. But all these were simply the preliminaries to one of the most important days of my crossdressing life: my first visit to JJ at her fabulous dressing service Wales.


During the dark days after my break-up and before the joys of finding the dressing service Wales, I fell to reading sub-porn 'literature' – to be honest, with some excitement, attended by the accompanying self-disgust. Then I came across a really interesting couple of magazines; Transliving magazine and Repartee that seemed to speak to the depths of my feminine soul. And like so many before me found that without a friend and mentor, without the dressing service Wales, the way ahead was troubled. First I experienced a few dead ends (some hilarious!), including furtive explorations down dank alleys in Soho and Fitzrovia.



Finally, when there seemed no hope of discovering anything like the dressing service Wales, I finally found my end of a 'golden thread'. Following this thread led me first to 'Nina’ and eventually to JJ and her dressing service Wales. Gradually I began to see that I wasn't on my own, or a pervert. I was getting over the heartache and self-pity of divorce; and I was delving into the mysteries of transgender theory and starting on a fascinating quest. They were fascinating days as I tracked down publications in local libraries and online. The exhilaration was to come!


It was still a bit of a hobby though, and it seemed a mild perversion. When, after a successful painting exhibition I had some funds to spare that I booked an appointment and 'stay-over' at a 'high-end' (and expensive) dressing agency near London. It was to be an exotic and life-changing experience and with an attendant professional photographer present. My first real steps towards the dressing service Wales.



After trying on my third outfit and a super make-up session, I suddenly saw her: Nina, the person I really am. I left London determined to put flesh on this exciting and inspiring vision but still did not anticipate the tremendous joy of finding JJ and the dressing service Wales. I remember my heart singing on the way back north to 'Harry Potter' land! Much followed that life changing trip; my NHS treatment and meeting with other Tgirls, and avidly reading up on gender theory until I felt that I didn't really need, or could afford another jaunt to London.


The past year or two I have been content to take my hormone medication, dress down, avoiding the pitfall of drag. But I slowly slipped into a rut, my comfort zone, and tried let the pills and patches do their work. A world away from the dressing service Wales. I did not understand that being a woman was more about one’s inner feminine self than external appearances. I was unknowingly slipping back into easier and softer ways of coping with my new life. I was backsliding. I was reverting to my default 'male' mode of a mighty warrior: a Spitfire pilot on his last operation! I just did not understand how much I needed real feminine support in my quest: how much I needed the dressing service Wales.



In my small community it has been too easy to be accepted as 'Nina' as I am fairly well-liked or tolerated as an amiable eccentric and idiot. However, depression and doubt followed soon and it was a stroke of good fortune that on a browsing session on my new laptop that I stumbled on JJ's dressing service Wales website. Something struck me about what she said. I sensed a fellow artist and visionary; and a total professional. I resolved to spend any money from my next painting sale on a final dressing service Wales makeover session in order to 'reboot' my transition. Little did I know or understand what was about to happen: to take me, shake me and reshape my life as a woman.


I booked a dressing service Wales visit with JJ as soon as I got paid for my first two picture sales of the year: just a couple of weeks ago. Full of excitement and eager anticipation I enjoyed a pleasant journey by train; nearer and less expensive than London. JJ provided along with a map to her chambers information on the nearest hotels should I decide to stay over during my dressing service Wales appointment. I had a pleasant journey - always a thrill for this simple Yorkshire wench! Despite some minor faulty navigation (mea culpa, as they used to say in Rome) whilst trying to find her dressing service Wales apartment on the way from the station, but soon I arrived, my heart thumping and 'glowing' slightly, at JJ's beautifully elegant dressing service Wales apartment.



A stunning brunette opened the door, looking even more beautiful than her banner online portrait: one of the most exquisitely feminine and regal women I have ever met! Over coffee and biscuits, she suggested that I might wish to 'freshen' myself up. She told me to change into the dressing service Wales lingerie which (knowing my sizes in advance) had been provided. She very gently chided me over my uncouth table manners: I had forgotten that sugar tongs had other uses than for removing recalcitrant tops from oil paint tubes but were for handling sugar cubes! Certainly not the ladylike style she cultivates for her girls at her dressing service Wales.


By then I was dressed in panties, bra and 'hold-ups' and was beginning to get into my 'dressing service Wales feminine zone'. After coffee I was ushered by this dressing service Wales Goddess (for that is how JJ really appeared to me) into one of her several boudoirs. Thence I entered dreamland for a few hours with one of the most enthrallingly sensuous and spiritual experiences of my life. I couldn't stop chattering I was so high and I was amazed at our seeming rapport. In the incredible, feminine atmosphere of her dressing service Wales JJ understood me so well.


JJ is both beautiful inside and out: as I imagine Modesty Blaise, a boyhood passion of mine would have looked in real life. I am now more than ever determined to develop the emerging LADY she revealed to me during my time at her dressing service Wales. I can't wait for my next visit and I MUST buy THAT wig! I am so happy that we have discovered one another. As I now trust her completely and know that she is a professionally trained hypnotist I will pay for a dressing service Wales hypnosis session with her to release even more that blooming inner woman on my next visit. I see her as my major ally in my quest for becoming 'Nina' and easily the best make-up artist I have met. At last my true path to womanhood has been found in JJ and her dressing service Wales. Her photos were stunning and have amazed my Facebook friends. The dressing service Wales sandwiches and coffee were delicious too!


So, dear JJ, I shall soon return to the dressing service Wales and with you as my guide and mentor discover even more about the woman within me.




'Who said, dreams can't come true?'