Dressing Service UK


I think it started in my early teens. I remember when my mother’s friends came into our house. I had the usual teenage male crush on these wonderful older women. But there was something more than this. Something much more wonderful than my fantasies about these beautiful ladies. Or so it seemed at the time: a feeling always there in the background about a visit to a dressing service UK. My eyes were always drawn not just to their figures, their shapely legs and their gorgeous breasts – as is normal for so many young men learning to understand their place in the world, I yearned for sexual encounters. My eyes and thoughts were fixed not just on their bodies but also upon their clothes, which held so much promise for me.

And, I discovered, that as I looked at their sexy clothes I began to think about what it might be like to wear them myself. To put on their lingerie and dresses and shoes: a dressing service UK in my mind. And feel as feminine as they did. I even thought occasionally about what it might be like to have my own breasts: not just to dress like a woman, taking advantage of a dressing service UK, but to be a woman as much as I could. They probably did not give my boyish crushes upon them a moment’s thought. They may well have flirted with me, but if so I didn’t notice. Oh, if only one of them had discovered what was really going through my mind and had decided to make these emerging dreams of femininity come to life by offering me their own personal dressing service UK. I would have been overjoyed.



Time passed. I saw an advert in a newspaper for a dressing service company. I think it showed a sketch drawing of a man being helped into corset and stockings. And again it brought to mind those same adolescent feelings. These are feelings which have never gone away, feelings that I have not wanted to go away: they are part of me. I wanted that experience, those feminine clothes. I wanted someone to help me into a bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt, a corset. I so much wanted a dressing service adventure to happen for me. But I never had the courage to bring the reality of a dressing service to me.

Even though increasingly I wanted a cross dressing service UK so much. Over the years I have managed to provide myself with a secret dressing service UK occasionally. Wearing lingerie, taken from girlfriends’ collections, when nobody was around. If they knew that I was taking advantage of them, they said nothing. The feeling was so wonderful. But I knew that this was not the way any dressing service UK should be. I just did not have the confidence to go out and buy lingerie for myself. Later, the rise of the Internet made buying items a little easier and helped me to maintain a certain anonymity. So little by little I acquired a number of feminine items for my private dressing service UK store at home.



I don't feel the need to dress all of the time, but usually it just hits me every couple of months, and then I need to get my fix! But it's never been fully satisfactory. I've never been fully dressed and made up. What I really wanted of a dressing service UK was to see myself totally as a woman, just like all those friends of my mother all those years ago Talking of which, I was searching for alternatives to that well-known dressing service UK company, which led me to the Dress Me Up website. JJ’s dressing service UK just came across as so much more interesting and professional than others. I'm not getting any younger and really wanted the dressing service UK experience that so many others seemed to have had there.

But could I pluck up the courage? After an email and a nerve wracking phone call (on my part) I confirmed a dressing service UK appointment. The time went quickly and the night before, I slept fitfully due to nerves. After all I had never shared this secret with anyone. But I needn't have worried, once in the apartment, JJ immediately put me completely at ease, and I soon felt able to chat at length. Then followed a fantastic few hours of pampering and the full use of her dressing service UK. Oh, why did I wait so long?



JJ is lovely and takes immaculate care of you and is obviously a perfectionist at what she does. You're not made to feel uncomfortable at any point of the dressing service UK experience in any way. JJ achieved a really feminine look for me, much more than I ever expected and I was very pleased with the dressing service UK results. For anyone wondering whether to try her dressing service UK, I would say, don't hesitate, you will not be disappointed. I will certainly be going back again sometime soon in the future!

Wendy x


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'