Dressing Service Tgirls


The dressing service Tgirls apartment beckoned from the car park, I was extremely nervous as I pressed the buzzer to finally become my feminine alter ego Emma. This is just the beginning of my story on my voyage of discovery as I had never discussed Emma with anyone before. JJ was so reassuring and as beautiful as her pictures on her excellent dressing service Tgirls website. JJ is a genuine person and with her wonderful manner as soon putting me at ease. Over a coffee and chocolate biscuits she gently coaxed out of me who Emma was and what her personality was like. Then hat style of clothes she liked and might look best in. She most certainly would wear stockings and suspenders and we decided on a classic look. A short while later and now beautifully adorned in a silk bra and panties, suspenders belt, stockings, mules and a satin robe I was led through to the boudoir to begin my wonderful transformation into the woman of my dreams.


After a delightful time of pampering, make up, false lashes, false nails and meticulous choice of wig style, shape and colour I was ready to be dressed. The plethora of evening and wedding dresses takes your breath away as well as the multitude of dresses, blouses, skirts, gorgeous lingerie and wigs. JJ’s excellent eye for styling helped me choose a beautiful beige/gold silk blouse and figure hugging black pencil skirt. Complimented by beautiful black and gold high heels and accessorised with pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings.

JJ looked pleased with her work and led me through to another room with a huge mirror. When I opened my eyes I was now not sure if I was more in love with JJ or the woman standing before me in the mirror, it was me, Emma. I twirled and posed to my hearts delight and JJ genuinely seemed to enjoy my moment as much as I. She then made my heart miss a beat by saying I could definitely “pass” as a woman and that next time I came and there will most certainly be a next time we should go out and visit the nearby dress shop run by a friend of hers. Emma danced to the background music in front of the mirrors and was so relaxed by now. A relaxation felt like nothing before as I didn't need to keep my secret that I am a cross dresser. My secret desire Emma was out and will not be going back only forward. I felt liberated and breathed in the atmosphere never wanting it to end, dressing service Tgirls would definitely be seeing me again and soon.


We then took a light lunch and chatted like best girlfriends and all the time I was catching glimpses of Emma in the myriad of mirrors around the room. I was in heaven, girly, womanly feminine heaven. After lunch JJ let me try on some of her own fur coats which were sumptuous to wear and made me feel so glamorous and feminine. Some of the side and face camera shots into the mirror are to die for well I think so anyway, I felt fantastic, alive and want to explore Emma in more detail.

Then just when I thought it could get any better JJ led me back through to the dressing room and asked if I would like to try on some new wedding dresses she had recently bought. Well this really was seventh heaven and choosing the second most beautiful dress I was carefully helped into and sheathed in the most divine dress. JJ attended to my wig and with veil and tiara in place she told me to close my eyes and turn around slowly to the full length mirror. Upon opening my eyes I was taken aback by the beautiful bride that smiled sweetly and demurely back at me. I spent several minutes walking back and forth down the long hallway to the mirror at the end just imagining what it would be like to be a bride on her wedding day, swirling around on the dance floor with everyone admiring her.

JJ really knows how to spoil a girl and genuinely cared throughout my stay that Emma was happy, shown off to her best and thoroughly enjoyed herself as I truly believe JJ did too. Emma will most certainly return to visit JJ and make that mind blowing trip to the shops to try on other glamorous dresses, I wonder if Emma will purchase anything? Who knows but it will be fantastic and no doubt exhilarating to find out.

Hugs and many kisses,
Emma your dressing service Tgirl x


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'