Dressing Service Stafford


Today I was lucky enough to have my first visit to see JJ: words alone cannot describe how much I enjoyed my time in her company at her dressing service Stafford. It took a long time to make the decision to pick up the telephone and call JJ to make that appointment; and oh, how I wish I had done it earlier. So many wasted moments when I could have begun long ago my journey to true femininity.



Like so many others drawn to JJ and her dressing service Stafford, I have hidden my desires for years and years, I remember times as a small child enjoying the chance to dress up but it always seemed to one’s parents as just a game. However as time moved on and I grew up and when my parents were out the chance to sneak into my mother’s clothing draw and dress up was taken. My own personal dressing service Stafford! But then you get married and think, no I mustn't, but that desire never left: fancy dress parties and The Rocky Horror Show being times when I could dress up without fear of judgment. The only other times were the sneaky odd 10-15 minutes to dress up when in the house alone but always keeping an eye on the door or the drive, expecting the car to return and be caught. A thousand miles away from the dressing service Stafford.

So my desires were suppressed as much as one can, that is until I saw JJ’s brilliant dressing service Stafford website and read testimonies written by other girls with similar feelings and experiences to which I could relate. The more I read about her dressing service Stafford, Midlands, London, Manchester and so many other places where girls like me live, the more I thought that I have to call. But even that seemed a problem for me, I was so anxious about contacting her dressing service Stafford – unnecessarily so as I now understand. A number of emails between JJ and I ensued, I did not have to commit via email. I asked a number of questions but the reply that clinched it for me was her reply saying: “You only have one life this is not a rehearsal: go for it!”

This response was the clincher for me and I called to make that dressing service Stafford appointment. I should not have worried JJ was just calm and reassuring and a date was arranged. Appointment made, I could go on holiday knowing I had something really special to look forward too. My first dressing service Stafford visit.


I should say at this point I have a disabled wife and I have to care for her as her mobility is impaired; so walking and anything that requires lifting is an issue. This resulted in me pushing her for between 3.5 to 5 miles a day whilst on holiday for 3 weeks which is very hard work, I do not begrudge doing this it's what you sign up for. However there is a point where you feel like saying stop please let me have some time for me as this becomes very physically and mentally stressful. I am her full time carer and things had started to take its toll, to the point where I was losing my identity and just getting swallowed into the everyday grind of life with no time for myself and no one to talk to about it. And then I found JJ’s dressing service Stafford which not only offered a dressing service but someone that actually cared and took time to listen, not just hear what I was saying. A compassionate woman who wants people to go away feeling a little lighter and happy for the experience.

The holiday came to an end and my appointment got closer; my nerves became on edge. A drive to JJs dressing service Stafford apartment had my mind really racing. I could not concentrate but managed it and pulled up into the car park. And parking was just as described, simple and easy! A quick call and then to the dressing service Stafford door, bell rung entrance gained and before I knew it I was standing in front of stunning JJ who was dressed to perfection. Over a cup of dressing service Stafford tea we chatted about things she outlined the day and asked me if there was anything specific I had in mind. I responded saying my experience of being a women was very limited, and I was happy to leave things in her ultra-professional hands. Oh I am so glad I did!



Not being in the first flush of youth, I was a bit of a challenge, or so I thought. JJ set to work in her fabulous dressing service Stafford style. Firstly a facial, this was out of this world, followed by full make-up being applied: this was an experience which I did not want to end. I just loved the eye make-up which JJ created she worked just like an artist does with their colour palette. Well, this is only to be expected I suppose: she is a professionally trained make-up artist. Then I put on one of her dressing service Stafford wigs, and then another, and another. Quite a few were tried and scored before a decision was made before finally getting dressed.

JJ chose a beautiful pair of dressing service Stafford pink shoes and a dress just above the knee along with a pink sparkly top with sleeves (to hide a dodgy sun tan line). All the time I was not able to see the final result. Then she allowed me to turn around and look in the dressing service Stafford mirror, I was “gob smacked”, I just could not believe what she had achieved. it was amazing. As I looked in the mirror: it was a woman looking back at me: a dream had been realised! A wonderful dressing service Stafford dream come true.

I cannot describe my feelings at this point words it was a sense of relief, there I was dressed in JJ’s dressing service Stafford, made up and feeling every inch a woman. It felt so fabulously feminine: the feeling of the fabric of the dress in combination with lovely underwear and stockings I felt complete. I thought: this is truly my time, when I can relax be myself, spend some ‘me time’ and enjoy every minute of doing something I had desired for so long. This is a special dressing service Stafford feeling no one can take away from me, JJ thank you so much.

This may have been my first dressing service Stafford time, but it won't be my last. I have found a lovely (and lovely is an understatement) lady with whom I know can help me find myself. A chance to put the stress and strains of life behind me. To have dressing service Stafford ‘me time’ and not have to apologise to anyone for my feelings. My only regret is I wish I had plucked up courage sooner. I would love one day to go out in the real world, just like some of JJ’s girls have done. But this is some way away. There are certain things I need to master first, namely heels and walking like a lady, but practice makes perfect. And I will certainly be practising all I can now with the inspiration of JJ’s dressing service Stafford.

To conclude, can I just say again a big thank you JJ, you made an ole man into a very happy lady: what more can I say about the dressing service Stafford?

Elizabeth Jane x


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'