Dressing Service North West


Dressing Service North West is fabulous at Dress-Me-Up. I visiting JJ at Dress-Me-Up some months ago I decided that after far too long it was time for Louise to enter the big wide world. I felt that JJ was the person to help me achieve a transformation that would look realistic and give me the confidence to take those first tentative steps. The initial booking was to be a makeover followed by a lunch and a date was set at Dressing Service North West.

As the time drew closer I did have some misgivings about the venture - would I look realistic, was I too tall, was I the wrong shape, and most importantly would I look like a bloke in drag! I needed have worried: Dressing Service North West would be taking care of all my anxieties. When the day arrived I was met at the Dressing Service North West door by JJ and immediately put at ease by her wonderful cheerful manner. Without further ado the Dressing Service North West makeover commenced - every detail was perfected until JJ was satisfied that the end result was as good as it gets.


At this point you have to bear in mind that I am no spring chicken which adds an extra degree of difficulty. We had various attempts at matching an outfit from JJ's extensive wardrobe and finally settled on a skirt and blouse combination with my own medium heel black patent shoes, although JJ and her Dressing Service North West does have a large collection of shoes. Before I knew it we were in the car and rather than going for lunch we visited a fabulous dress shop.

The walk from the car to the shop was a dream! No sideways glances, no wolf whistles, no sneers or giggles - I began to realise that, with help from JJ and her Dressing Service North West, Louise was really born. I was free to walk around, courtesy Dressing Service North West, rummage through all the rails and try on anything I wanted too. The shop owner was a fabulous lady and had no problems with it at all. The dress shop was full of the most amazing clothes for all shapes sizes and age groups.


A true gem of a shop where everyone is welcome and there are spacious individual changing rooms. However, back in the car and off to Boots where JJ wanted to buy some makeup and I wanted a pair of heel grips as I was walking out of my shoes and actually the shoes were only part of the problem as I was also steadily losing my knickers! Purchases made and we crossed the road to a coffee shop for refreshments. I felt so fantastically feminine with Dressing Service North West.

The time just disappeared. It felt so natural to be out as Louise with Dressing Service North West. It could have lasted forever but alas reality arrived and Louise was packed back into the box until another time. Now that I have made this big step I can't wait to do it again and it was all down to JJ's attention to detail, encouragement and kindness and for anyone thinking of a similar venture - just do it and 'go with JJ' and her incredible Dressing Service North West.


Louise xx


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'