Crossdressing Wedding Proposal


Kay’s crossdressing wedding proposal tale:

There is nothing perhaps as quite as nerve-wracking as a proposal of marriage. And, so it turned out, with JJ helping to set the scene for my crossdressing wedding proposal, nothing quite so wonderfully romantic: a perfect dream come true if you will forgive the cliché.

My boyfriend and I met a few months ago on e-harmony. I noticed that he was wearing a purple suit; and maybe that should have given me a clue. He hinted at wearing woman’s underwear in a throwaway comment early on in our relationship. Finally he told me the whole story a few months ago whilst on the phone. He was very nervous, but very honest and answered the questions I had. At that point, I had no idea that before too long I would be hearing his crossdressing wedding proposal!

After getting off the phone, I started to search the Internet about crossdressing. I knew very little about this, and my research seemed unhelpful at first; but then I came across JJ’s website. Reading about JJ and all the testimonials and the services really helped me to understand crossdressing and my boyfriend a little better. Actually, quite a lot better: my boyfriend is simply one of many, many men who are drawn to express their feminine side through crossdressing. The many stories told by JJ’s girls opened my eyes.

The photographs on the website were wonderful: I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous crossdressing wedding bridal gowns, knowing that, for many women, this is the ultimate dress. I then talked to my boyfriend about the website and asked him if he would like to go and perhaps be a crossdressing bride? Initially he said no. But I guessed that he was attracted by the idea and he would make a decision in his own time. It wasn’t long before he decided: a few weeks later, he asked me if I would go and see JJ with him. But, then with the ‘surprise of surprises’, he wanted to know if I would also like to get engaged whist he was dressed as a crossdressing bride.



I said: yes! And so he called JJ to set up our crossdressing wedding proposal appointment.

On the crossdressing wedding proposal day when we went to see JJ, we were both very nervous. My boyfriend hadn’t dressed fully for 15 years and both of us were not sure what to expect. Meeting JJ we were instantly put at ease. She could not have been more reassuring as we prepared ourselves for this momentous crossdressing wedding proposal.

Although I had answered some of my questions for myself when looking at her website, I still had so many more. JJ was able to fill in the blanks I had on crossdressing and how my boyfriend may be feeling. But the one thing that puzzled us both was that my boyfriend did not have a female name. He had not yet taken ‘ownership’ of his female self.

At long last JJ called me in to what was to be my very own proposal, to the sound of the ‘Bridal march’; and well words failed me … I was awestruck. The gorgeous sophisticated lady that stood there in her crossdressing wedding gown in front of my astonished eyes – she was truly breath-taking and her smile said it all. Then this newfound beauty got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. I could not have been more proud to accept and the engagement ring is truly gorgeous. I will never forget that wonderful crossdressing wedding proposal moment.

JJ, I cannot thank you enough for the crossdressing transformation. Your amazing ability to make my boyfriend feel at ease and transform him the way you did and then help us celebrate both his reawakening and engagement will stay with me for ever.

JJ did give my boyfriend the name ‘Vanessa’ but later on in the day we chose the name Danielle. I am really looking forward to getting to know Danielle and continuing our journey together after our wonderful crossdressing wedding proposal day. I am a very lucky lady to have two incredible people in my life tied up in one crossdressing wedding package.

Danielle and I will be back soon and we also look forward to going out with you: three girls, kindred spirits, out on the town together.

Thank you for our crossdressing wedding proposal day.

Kay xxx



Danielle’s crossdressing wedding proposal tale:

As my girlfriend said we meet through e-harmony. We talked and seemed to connect easily and quickly: and so I thought, before we take this any further, this lady needs to know the whole me. So I told her about my whole crossdressing past. Most of the story about my crossdressing wedding proposal Kay has already told.

When we arrived at JJ’s dressing service apartment, I was so nervous but was instantly put at ease. JJ made us feel so comfortable in her sitting room. I was then whisked away first to the bathroom to change into my lingerie and then into her make-over studio: and I had the most relaxing and reassuring crossdressing wedding experience. First JJ gave me a relaxing facial before doing my make-up. She made me feel so special chatting and telling me to relax every time my crossdressing wedding proposal nerves started to surface. When I saw my face for the first time in make-up, I began little by little to see ‘me’ but we then moved on to the hair. Not this, perhaps that … before I saw that wonderful girl I feel that I am.

JJ’s professional and perfectionist touch and her soothing words allowed me for the first time me glimpse the woman I wanted to be; and ‘Wow!’ – I was one happy crossdressing wedding bride-to-be about to propose.

Then it was time to step into ‘that dress’: the crossdressing wedding gown JJ picked out for me was OMG perfect: pale pink and figure hugging. But not yet allowed to see the full length fully dressed me. So eyes shut I stood in a nervous sate. JJ said, “Open your eyes,” and, standing before JJ’s full length mirror, Danielle in her crossdressing wedding finery was born … although as Kay said the name came later.

JJ left and few minutes Kay came through the door and said “Wow, you look beautiful” and we hugged and kissed then I managed to get on one knee and asked Kay to marry me. Whoop, whoop: Kay says ‘yes’. I am still discovering Danielle and there will be more trips to see JJ but I can now see the lady I wish to become: there will be more outfits to try on as I come to understand with JJ’s(and Kay’s) guidance the styles which suit me best.. Thank you to JJ for making our perfect day. A wife to be, a new friend … plus the celebration champagne which topped our crossdressing wedding proposal day.Big loves, and thanks too for our fabulous crossdressing wedding proposal day.

Danielle xx



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'