Crossdressing Service UK


Now, some of you may recall the character with a bit part in Thomas the Tank Engine. No, not the Fat Controller, but Madge the three-wheeled lorry cab pulling along behind her a flat-bed truck: omnipresent perhaps in the early 1950s. However, such lorries are now historical curiosities seen only in a few motor museums. And certainly not anywhere near JJ's crossdressing service UK! Madge may be a nice old lady, but she is not going to wow anyone. So, where is this story going? Well, girls, just you wait and see; please humour me and read on.

A song on the radio as Kitty drives northwards towards her appointment with JJ's: Van Morrison singing, Gonna be a transformation, baby, deep in your soul. You betcha honey pie! A crossdressing service UK male to female transformation. The night before I stay at Crewe Hall. A fabulous location close to the M6 and just a short drive to the just-too-marvellous for words crossdressing service UK. I book into the hotel just in time for a refreshing late afternoon tea in an atmospheric, ever so elegant drawing room, adjacent to the hotel reception.



I arrive dressed thinking ahead to my crossdressing service UK appointment the following day: floral skirt, low-cut blouse - revealing just sufficient of my décolletage (yes, my own but that's another story) to be on the right side of decent, lovely hairdo (my hair now long enough for a more feminine style) courtesy a hugely talented hairdresser in Cheltenham. So no wig today. But I know I shall need my trusty grey-blonde wig tomorrow when en route to crossdressing service UK: just can't fix my hair by myself. Sipping tea out of China cups just as JJ showed me. No overt male slurping. Or greedy gobbling of those cakes and scones. Delicate, refined, absolutely feminine crossdressing service UK style.

The room is perfectly pretty: just the ticket for Kitty - hinting perhaps at what I was to find the next day at the crossdressing service UK. And the hotel is not too expensive: remember, we are all worth it girls. Laying out my clothes for my appointment the following day. My Jacques Vert silky-satin A-line silver-blue dress back from the cleaners, pressed for my photoshoot with JJ. Just a crossdressing service UK tip, girls: if your hips are on the narrow male side, there is nothing like an A-line shape to provide a little camouflage: tell the truth, the whole truth and (well) nothing but part of the truth. Not that I should worry too much with my size 20 curvy hips. But then a touch of panic: I notice that my M&S floral skirt is an almost spot-on match for the bedroom curtain. I practice standing against the curtain to see if I fade into the background. A motif for me: wanting to be noticed, but still a little afraid of drawing attention to myself.Bath, perfume - Poison by Dior this evening, make-up. Hairdo still OK as I check the mirror. If only I had JJ's crossdressing service UK skill with my cosmetics. But until tomorrow, this will have to do. My dress for tonight: a Long Tall Sally number, black with brown-orange spots. Quite striking I think. Until I catch sight of myself in a long mirror returning later that evening from the restaurant. A little frumpy? A little old? Not quite right for my crossdressing service UK style?

Fast forward now to my crossdressing service UK appointment day. The next morning my excitement at a peak. With not many alternatives in my case, decide to travel in my floral curtain skirt. Opening myself to the critical eye of JJ's crossdressing service UK. And my sexy new high heeled ankle boots. Very stylish. I arrive in the drive to JJ's secluded, private and absolutely discreet crossdressing service UK. My heart pounding a little, with nervous anticipation, as always.



Although I have visited JJ many times before, this is my first time to her new crossdressing service UK location. WOW! This is something else. Just walking into the hallway and up the stairs to the crossdressing service UK transformation rooms was enough to convince me that today is going to be really special. JJ greeted me with her warm, friendly, welcoming smile. Immaculate in her satin pink blouse and black pencil skirt. Shoes to die for. Her dark, rich hair piled high. Make up, as always, absolutely perfect. The ultimate in the welcoming elegance of her crossdressing service UK style.

Her crossdressing service UK eyes now turn their attention to my outfit, with her 'Do you really want me to be honest?' look. The floral skirt: well? "If I had been looking for new curtains, I wouldn't have bought them from M&S," she says. But she loves the boots! Success. Then I see her looking at my grey-blonde wig, with a curious crossdressing service UK stare. Hmmm ... I know that before too long I will hear her verdict. But so far only silently chilling appraisal.

My turn now to take stock of my surroundings, as I wait for a cuppa, and hoping for a biscuit or maybe two. A supremely elegant, feminine sitting room. With touches of JJ's trademark crossdressing service UK pink. Already her magic is working. In the background soothing classical music washes away my anxieties. In comes the tea and (yummy) eclairs. We chat for ten or fifteen minutes. No hurry or scurry here. Just perfect girlie peace. Then time to retire to a modern spotless and spacious bathroom, and slip into a satin chemise and gown: soft shades of pink. So delectably chic. And then into the wonderland of her beauty salon. Calming. Luxurious.

JJ asks which scented candle I should like: I choose lemongrass. A delicious crossdressing service UK perfume drifts slowly through the air. Lifting and refreshing tired spirits. Nails painted at her fabulously feminine nail bar: a lusciously seductive pink. Then as I settle comfortably into her reclining chair for my crossdressing service UK facial. She explains what she will be doing during my facial today and offers me another choice - of lip balms: wild raspberry, organic vanilla, peppermint tea, mandarin and orange - all from an organic source in Scotland. I feel a little risqué and ready to walk on the crossdressing service UK wild side today, so decide on raspberry. Kitty was born to be wild. If JJ's dressing service apartment in north Cheshire was close to heaven, the new crossdressing service UK is pure paradise. Allowing me to escape to a new feminine reality. And, girls, we all need that crossdressing service UK escapism that our dressing with JJ brings.

JJ compliments me on the smoothness of my facial skin as her fingers massage and moisturize. Preparing me for the crossdressing service UK make-up which will complete the first stages of the transition from male to female. Rod Stewart and JJ are now singing classic duets in the background. Lovely ... never, ever change. Keep that breathless charm..... Just the way you look tonight. Time standing still. Lost in transformation. And feeling so happy, so relaxed.



A brighter shade of pink on my lips today. With a crossdressing service UK gloss, reminding me of Kathy Kirby: JJ says her grandma used to speak of the 1960s TV star. And then, turning her attention to the wig for my photos, she carefully places my grey-blonde wig on my head. We look at the impact. JJ frowns a little. "Why do you want to look so old?" she says. She pulls off the wig and throws it over her shoulder: "Goodbye, Madge" she says. I see in the mirror my rejected wig, poor old Madge as she has been christened, flying high and somersaulting through the air. "You need something youthful, more joyful, and more feminine. Stop trying to fade into the background." So she chooses a longer length wig. So pretty, more girlie. I see the golden curls caressing my shoulders. I am convinced. Utterly. The new look crossdressing service UK Kitty: Elle est arrivé!

So returning to the crossdressing service UK bathroom: I pull my new tights on: Wolford, of course. Admiral, a dark shade of blue; not opaque, but 40 denier – enough to disguise the imperfections of my legs and bring them to life with a touch of gloss. And then, finally, I step carefully into my dress. Its satin has a certain stiffness to the material. Not at all flimsy: almost Duchesse in its heavier weight quality. And as I move I can hear the susurrations of the fabric. Making me feel like Audrey H and Marilyn M combined. With my sling back kitten heels (what else would Kitty wear?) I am floating on a crossdressing service UK level considerably higher than cloud nine.

JJ then calls me into her crossdressing service UK photo studio: sumptuous surroundings for a girl who feels (courtesy JJ’s magnificently professional skills) scrumptiously sumptuous herself. A few more pearls here and there.

The crossdressing service UK camera clicks. The flash illuminates the room. Tricky with the light continually changing with the sun moving in and out of cloud. First this angle, then another. Standing. Sitting first on the chaise longue and then on a chair. JJ busily adjusting the background: here, there, everywhere. Finally reclining on cushions piled high on a crossdressing service UK bed. Until she knows she has taken several fabulously beautiful photographs.Here I am back home again, and I have seen them: such wonderfully true pictures, capturing the true heart and very soul of Kitty, like never before. Capturing her inner crossdressing service UK beauty and that occasionally elusive woman within. Oh, JJ, how may I thank you enough?

The crossdressing service UK lesson of all this is that girls just got to have fun. And you don't do that by trying to fade into the background. JJ's girls are indeed beautiful and don't need to cower behind her crossdressing service UK sofa. She gives us all the confidence to stand in the spotlight. With Madge the grey-blonde wig consigned to history, the golden curls now emphasizing my essential femininity, I think I am ready for a little more of that spotlight. I hope that you agree, girls.

Thank you so much, JJ. Without you I would be helplessly hoping and no more. I may have been lost, but with your guidance, advice and girlie crossdressing service UK friendship now I'm quite definitely found and forever young.

Kitty xx


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'