Crossdressing for Men


My Dear JJ,

What a lovely time we had together last week. Coming to you again for my second crossdressing for men appointment is like visiting somebody you have known for years. You make us girls so welcome and now I feel so relaxed when I come to your luxurious apartment, so different from my first crossdressing for men visit. You always look so beautiful and professional when you open the door of your fantastic apartment. We chatted about my adventures abroad over coffee but what took my eye immediately was the gorgeous Janet Reger lingerie laid out. You had chosen me to be the first person to wear it. What a privilege!



So, off I went to into your beautifully newly decorated crossdressing for men bathroom to change; and I put on that gorgeous lacey underwear and a beautiful silk and lace gown which you bought recently. It felt wonderful and so feminine. Even a towel wrapped up with pink satin ribbon! But, I had a problem with the lacey stockings, I had put a ladder in one of them. I confessed immediately. And I got a good telling off from you, whoops. I deserved a slapped wrist: instead I was given another pair! But I shall definitely replace those stockings twice over. And I shall keep my promise. Hope I am forgiven Ö I think so!



So, to a relaxing facial and skin mask again prior to a full crossdressing for men makeover. I asked JJ to darken my eye makeup this visit that we both agreed worked well. You found me a new crossdressing for men blonde wig for me, styled it and Ö well the photos show the fabulous result. I felt the combination of darker makeup and this new longer wig worked well for me. I looked and felt so feminine. Photographs were taken of my crossdressing for men appointment. After some lunch (dressed in this gorgeous pink silk lacey gown), you wrapped me into a green silk corset. This is the first time I have worn one of your corsets and the tightness around my body felt great. A real crossdressing for men treat.



Then my hair was restyled and my lipstick reapplied. I thought I was ready for photos then but before that you wrapped me in full length soft brown mink coat around me asking me to pose with hands on hips and sitting down with the fur off my shoulders. You know I love to wear fur and JJ this coat is sumptuous and luxurious. You know how to make us girls feel wonderful when we are crossdressing Hope you are pleased with the photos here. More photos followed then you asked me to try on a gorgeous cream lacey full-length wedding dress, made all the more glamorous with a fur cape and jewels. I posed again for more crossdressing for men photos.



You made me feel like a film star posing for the cameras on the red carpet. What more could a girl want but to feel so wonderful and feminine even for a few precious hours? The darker makeup and longer blonde wig worked so very well. JJ, you are so thoughtful and know just what suits me. Sadly all good things came to an end for my crossdressing for men session. But I got to wear a corset and a beautiful mink fur coat. This is a crossdressing for men experience I want to repeat over and over again please! So whatís next?



We talked about Suzanne having a crossdressing for men trip out with you JJacting as her guide, perhaps afternoon tea or a shopping trip. I canít wait to go back but I will have to buy some more lacey stockings first! It will give me an excuse to look in a London store lingerie department and perhaps treat Suzanne to some. Enjoy the pictures from my crossdressing for men visit this time and please do comment if you wish. So ladies, it took me some time to book a first visit. But if you want a wonderful private feminine experience, pick up the phone and book a visit. You will never regret it.

Hugs and kisses Suzanne xxx


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'