Crossdressing Transformation


From the moment I made my first phone call to JJ at ‘Dress Me Up’ it just felt right. Crossdressing transformation was all that I had on my mind. Of course I was nervous. However, I was instantly put at ease. JJ calmed all my fears right away. JJ has a well-spoken and feminine voice which expressed a genuine interest and desire to help me to achieve my goals for the crossdressing transformation. A couple of anxious and exciting weeks later, the day had arrived for my crossdressing transformation appointment. I just knew that it was going to be four hours of fun. After the drive down, I was greeted with the sight of JJ's building. Once inside her immaculate and beautifully decorated apartment, the equally immaculate and beautiful JJ sat me down.

A very welcome cup of tea was poured for me. And I began to pour out my crossdressing transformation hopes, wishes and fears. JJ started by asking me who 'Chloe' was, and what I was looking for with my crossdressing transformation. We discussed all the types of fashion, hairstyles, personality etc. that I prefer, and what had brought me to where I am today. I suppose that me crossdressing transformation story is similar to that of so many others. I have crossdressed from a very young age.

I was caught on a couple of occasions, probably because I wanted to be caught; and I my precious belongings taken away, with the subject never raised again. If only there had been more understanding of the person I am rather than an attempt to deny my crossdressing transformation needs. Now I have reached a point in my life, where I know that crossdressing transformation is very much a part of me. And I want to take it seriously. I simply want to be the best woman I can be. After reading JJ's website and then speaking to her, I knew that she was the one person to lead me in the right crossdressing transformation direction.

After chatting, I was shown to the bathroom so my crossdressing transformation could begin. I was offered a choice of lingerie, a baby doll or nightgowns and robes. It is so delicious to be able to pamper oneself in satin and lace so exquisitely. Once dressed, JJ escorted me to her magical room, where my crossdressing transformation was to take place, we began with the make-up. She talked me through every aspect of what she was doing, and answered any questions I had, but not before a cleansing and relaxing facial. Oh, what a feeling of pure joy. JJ applied false eyelashes and acrylic nails to me, and I was truly in seventh heaven as I watched my crossdressing transformation develop in the full-length mirror.

After having my make-up expertly done, the real exciting part started for me with trying on different wigs: this was great fun. We discussed which styles I was drawn to, and tried a couple on, with nothing really hitting the mark. JJ then selected a gorgeous, long blonde wig with mega volume, and I was blown away by how much it seemed to suit me. Definitely not a style or even colour I would normally go for. But I don't know this stuff anywhere near as well as JJ who seems to have an incredible knack for hitting the centre of the crossdressing transformation target first time. It was as if she knew me far better after just an hour or so than I knew myself.

The next style we tried on (as JJ still felt I could look better) totally shocked me. It was a stunning Nordic blonde, long wavy wig. The sight of me in the mirror fully made up and in pretty nightwear really knocked me back. JJ commented that I was looking at the floor, like a shy girl. I really felt pretty bashful, and was in awe at the sight staring back at me. I really didn't think I could ever hope through any crossdressing transformation to look this beautiful and feminine.

They say the ‘eyes’ have it (yes if there any pedants out there I know it is ‘ayes’ but allow me some poetic crossdressing transformation licence if you please) and now I agree. The make-up applied around my eyes, along with the false lashes truly made one of my least appealing features very pleasing indeed! Whoops I nearly forget, regarding trying out wigs: JJ had me sit with my eyes closed, and wait until she had finished her styling. This effort really makes a massive difference! It is not about being surprised so much as being able to see the entire crossdressing transformation impact of the feminine ‘you’ completely in a single vision.

It was then time for clothes: beautiful silky hold-up stockings, corset, pencil skirt, satin blouse. I wore some gorgeous items from JJ’s fabulous wardrobes and drawers, all accessorised with matching jewellery and shoes. The last item I tried on had the biggest impact however. On JJ's suggestion, I pulled on a beautiful long summery maxi dress. Along with the wig, it was the perfect combination. She made me feel like a crossdressing transformation beach babe and I cannot recommend JJ highly enough, and am already planning another visit shortly.

If you can relate to my story and if like me have had a bad experiences at similar businesses which make a less than satisfactory attempt to cater for crossdressing transformation, please don't give up just yet because there is a more caring, understanding and compassionate professional based in Cheshire called JJ at Dress Me Up. Add to this, she is a great conversationalist – with lots of tips on so many girlie topics – and she has a terrific sense of humour, not to mention oozing beautiful femininity. Like me, I know that you too will enjoy every minute of your wonderful crossdressing transformation day!

Thank you so much for showing me the way JJ, Chloe x


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'