Crossdressing Service Yorkshire


It had only been a month since my first visit to Dress Me Up and at first I was thinking about a crossdressing service in Yorkshire but it was a bad idea. I just loved going to Dress Me Up and knew I was in for a top class dressing service once again. There I was, nervously climbing the stairs to JJ’s apartment. She met me at the door, looking as stunning as ever, and ushered me in to her apartment, where we sat and chatted over a cup of tea accompanied by the customary chocolate fingers. Next time I will take her some Belgian chocolates.

I am just happy I didn’t go to the crossdressing service in Yorkshire; Dress Me Up is the best and as far as I am concerned it is now my personal crossdressing service in Yorkshire, but just a short journey away.

“So Chloe,” JJ enquired. “What did you think of your first visit?” “Absolutely wonderful!”, I replied,

“I really loved the sophisticated look which you created for Chloe, but this time Chloe would like to explore her more glamorous side and maybe try a few different looks, a sexy crossdressing tart perhaps?” A crossdressing service in Yorkshire tart!?

“So you want me to dress you up as a sexy crossdressing tart do you?” she retorted. “How very perceptive of you.”

I replied, “But only if I can be a blond this time, a blond sexy crossdressing tart that is?” A crossdressing service in Yorkshire sexy blond tart?

With a knowing smile JJ sent me to the bathroom where my fresh pink clean lingerie awaited, with a pair of black fishnet tights which JJ had gone out and especially purchased for me, what a lucky sexy crossdressing service in Yorkshire tart I was. Changed in a jiffy, I was soon in JJ’s boudoir ready to be transformed yet again but this time into a sexy crossdressing tart. First came the false nails of course crimson red then the immaculate make-up, then finally false lashes to die for and Chloe’s return was almost complete as a sexy crossdressing tart.

A beautiful cerise silk blouse was chosen along with the shortest of black mini-skirts followed by shoes and finally the blonde wig. “Now close your eyes and come with me”, said JJ, “and no peeping until I tell you!”

“Ok, you can open them now” she said, and there, in the mirror, stood a new edition of Chloe staring back at me.

“Wow!” I said, “Where did she come from?” I look and feel like a sexy crossdressing tart; and I am only too pleased I didn’t go to some other crossdressing service in Yorkshire but found my own here in Cheshire.

There was no time to stand in admiration as I was whisked off for a few photos just outside the apartment. Once done, we were quickly back inside to try the next look! This time, a little lace fronted sleeveless top and more modest above the knee skirt were selected and the next crossdressing service in Yorkshire look was almost complete.

“We need to accessorise, darling!” exclaimed JJ, who promptly found me a beautiful necklace and a pair of long black leather opera gloves amongst her extensive wardrobe.

“There you are Sweetie, your next crossdressing service in Yorkshire look is complete”, she declared. Again I opened my eyes, this time to see a completely different but no less striking version of Chloe. Had I died and gone to heaven?

More poses and more photos and then back into the apartment for looks three and four until sadly my crossdressing service in Yorkshire time at Dress Me Up was drawing to an end.

“Take one last look at Chloe, sweetie”, said JJ she has to go back into her little box until you can come over and dress up again. “Time to turn back into a frog!” Thank goodness for JJ and ‘Dress Me Up’, and my own crossdressing service in Yorkshire transported to beautiful Cheshire. I breathe a deep breath of life and feel as free as a beautiful butterfly whenever I go and of course I will be going back soon, so wonderful!

Chloe xxx


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'