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The crossdressing service Manchester is astounding the amount of satin and silky clothes are beyond anyone dreams, so let me tell you about my reality. From my very earliest recollections I have been aware of what seemed an inherent fascination with silky material. Over the years I pondered my early experiences which may have acted as the initiation drawing me down this road, or was it the curvaceous child minder just dressed in her black slip or perhaps the dressing up games with my older female cousin. Whatever the reason, we are where we are! And there is no better place for me than the crossdressing service Manchester.


Having stumbled on JJs website a Dress Me Up session at the crossdressing service Manchester looked the perfect dream ticket! All those stunning satin robes et al sent the imagination in to overdrive, but would I be brave enough to make the call to JJs mobile? Well only just about, but when JJ answered and asked me what I was looking for, my rather reserved nature came to the fore, I froze and realised I had to say something! After what seemed like a lengthy delay and probably much clearing of throat I managed to mutter something about a 3 hour dressing session. JJs polite and businesslike manner immediately put me at ease and with the good fortune of a gap in her diary, the appointment was secured for the crossdressing service Manchester, the confirmation email with clear directions followed it was so simple! Of course should you not wish to receive an email JJ will give you clear directions to the crossdressing service Manchester?


Crossdressing Service Manchester Satin And Silky Clothes




The well appointed apartment block came into sight and with a ring on the doorbell, the door unlocked, I was climbing the staircase to the apartment and those nerves started to flutter. I tapped gently on the door, it opened up and the extravaganza had begun. The apartment was exquisitely appointed only to be outdone by the elegantly charming JJ who ushered me to the sofa. We chatted over my early experiences but nothing I could recall convinced her that I had identified the cause of my meanderings into feminine attire, probably a conversation to be continued on my next visit to the crossdressing service Manchester.

I was then invited to go to the bathroom to change where I found laid out an array of satin lingerie, panties, bra and suspender belt with stockings to adorn myself with; I was really in trannie heaven. I quickly removed my own things and donned the lacy briefs and suspender belt. The lace topped stockings I eased on enjoying the sensation of nylon moving over my legs. The outfit was completed with a frilly bra, which was the usual challenge to fasten, and then the pink see through negligee and satin dressing gown, every small detail is covered at the crossdressing Service Manchester to make your X dressing experience the very best. I was now ready to be collected and beckoned JJ and to my surprise I actually felt no embarrassment but rather a sense of excitement as she escorted me to the crossdressing service Manchester boudoir, this was the real house of transformations.

Crossdressing Service Manchester Panties-Bra-Stockings




I have to admit that my desire to acquire my very first full make-up to transform my appearance was acutely tempered by real concern that it might not be fully removed for my return home with unthinkable consequences for a very nervous X dresser. I need have had no such concern and the enjoyment of the full facial makeover was quite electric and in many ways quite sensuous with JJs delicate brush strokes sending shivers down my back. Make up complete and blond wig to add the finishing touch I was led to the mirror to be introduced to the stunning Samantha. Absolutely remarkable, wow! You will definitely say wow at the crossdressing service Manchester.

What followed was a time of sheer transvestite delight trying on a whole range of stunning day, evening and party wear. The electric blue evening gown with its slithery satin against my skin and the sheer material overlay caused me to catch my breath more than once - it was the most enthralling feeling at the crossdressing service Manchester. JJ was just the perfect hostess suggesting this outfit and that one and after many changes all equally stimulating I ended up in a frilly party dress outfit and retired to the sofa to relax and enjoy the sensation of dressing at the crossdressing service Manchester but soon it was time to revert to my male self and I felt so sad my visit to the crossdressing service Manchester had been enthralling to say the least, the transformation from male to female was extraordinary.

Crossdressing Service Manchester Frilly Party Dresses




This was a most enjoyable encounter and surpassed all my expectations and I can honestly say that I feel far more relaxed and have slept better than ever after my visit to the crossdressing service Manchester. Dreams really do come true! If I lived within easy travelling distance to the crossdressing service Manchester, JJ would have another season ticket holder, but alas I will have to be content with two or three visits annually at best. Also I am extremely shy and did not wish to have my photograph taken which I regret now but will certainly have the camera snapping away at my next visit to the crossdressing service Manchester, what a silly crossdresser I was, I could have looked back and relished all those exciting clothes all over again.

JJ, thank you so much for such a memorable experience at the Crossdressing Service Manchester, I will return very soon.

Samantha x
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'Who said, dreams can't come true?'