Crossdressing Service Leeds


I have now had time to look through pages on Google for Crossdressing Services in Leeds. Google has a whole array but something keeps drawing me back to Dress Me Up crossdressing service in the North West. In fact I have looked at crossdressing services in Birmingham, Coventry, Leeds and North East. Why do I keep coming back to JJ at Dress Me Up crossdressing service? Because she has everything a girl could possible want or need, now read on and I will tell you more.

Crossdressing Service Leeds – The Make up
When the makeup is being applied I feel like that the old me is slowly disappearing, but in such a good way, as the new me, Alice is starting to come through into my world, as JJ morphs me with perfection into sweet little Alice. Just lying back so nice and relaxed in the "Chair of Transformation" in JJ's safe and luxury boudoir, I feel so pampered and so alive, as I am living my ultimate fantasy of being transformed into a beautiful woman who needs a crossdressing service Leeds, JJ has it all.

The brushes feel soft as JJ applies the makeup. JJ "paints" on Alice's face like she is painting a grand masterpiece with each delicate and perfect brush stroke it makes me feel extremely elated and so relaxed. Of course you do need to be relaxed as JJ is such a perfectionist and we don’t want the makeup all over the shop do we? Goodness knows what I would end up looking like. But when you are in JJ's company I always feel so relaxed and so contented, therefore being relaxed is not a problem, and JJ as got such a friendly personality and she is a perfectionist so you don't have to worry. Well as long as JJ's good sense of humour doesn't get the better of you and make you giggle like a little school girl (hey that's an idea I will have Alice dressed as a school girl next time, complete with pigtails, have to see what JJ thinks) Wouldn’t it be hilarious catching a bus back from a crossdressing service Leeds? Thank goodness I am closer to home.

Also putting on those false eyelashes is ever so fiddly, so I dare not move a muscle, twitch or even breathe, just have to hope that JJ doesn't make me laugh with an amusing comment or I will be in big trouble with JJ, only kidding JJ. One sudden movement or opening my eyes at the wrong moment could result in starting again, and JJ and I for that matter wouldn't be best pleased. So I was extremely happy when they were finally stuck into place. Once the false eyelashes are on, at first I am very conscious of them, as I keep seeing them at the top of my sight, but I soon get used to wearing them, and then it is just as if they are part of me. The false eyelashes make Alice look a whole lot cuter and much more beautiful to look at. I can almost imagine sweet little Alice fluttering her eyelashes at you, as if to say look at me, I'm so sweet and innocent, a perfect beautiful woman.

Crossdressing Service Leeds – The clothes
The feel of the wearing womens clothes just feels so right and amazing, as I slip on the sexy black

underwear and feel the nylon stockings gently brush against the skin on my shaven and not so manly legs, I feel so ecstatic. But those suspender straps are a bit of a bugger to attach to the stockings though, sorry JJ. But you know what they say - "Practice makes perfect", so I will have to get some more practice in.

Slipping into a gorgeous dress, or a tight fitting pencil skirt, with a beautiful shiny blouse or lacy top is just so amazing to wear, I get such a warm glow and buzz inside which makes me feel extremely excited as I now know how it feels to be a "complete" woman. As I do up the zip and fasten the buttons along with a lifelike wig, it is like hiding all of the old me from view, with only Alice and these fabulous clothes on show for all to see. It feels like the old me as temporarily stopped existing, and that Alice as taken over my body for a few hours, this is so fantastic that I want to be Alice all day, I would even go as far to say that I want to be her forever. I think to myself "Please don't make this wonderful feeling stop, as I just love the new me, as Alice is my alter ego, my beautiful pretty other persona"

Crossdressing Service Leeds – The overall experience
That long gorgeous blue velvet dress, along with all the other outfits, was just pure ecstasy to wear, you don't need to do drugs, drink alcohol or be addicted to gambling you will get such a high dressing as a beautiful stunning woman, going to see JJ at Dress Me Up crossdressing service is absolute heaven. I strongly urge anyone who loves to crossdress to go and visit JJ, as she definitely doesn't disappoint, and will make your crossdressing dreams come true. Oh yes this is the place to be, when you want to be transformed into a beautiful woman, as I myself will most definitely be visiting JJ again, and see what fantastic outfits I can be dressed in for my future visits. I am so pleased I didn’t visit the crossdressing service Leeds after all.

I feel that if crossdressing was a drug, I would want it on prescription from my doctor, and take it once a day (the effects would last all day of course), every day for the rest of my life.

Now we come to my poem titled "Being Alice", I hope that you will all like it, as Alice spent many an hour composing this literary piece of art, so enjoy.


Being Alice

Hi, my name is Alice
I am rather shy and altogether very nice
This is my second visit to see JJ
As she offers the best crossdressing service around, so they say, say

Last time I was a beautiful bride
It is plain to see that in her work JJ always takes great pride
Turning men into beautiful women is her art
You couldn't tell me and a real lady apart

First she serves biscuits and tea
And then it is time to lose the old me
Into the bathroom to shed my man clothes
Putting on the sexy underwear there is nothing he loathes
Out I come looking and feeling ever so sexy
And into a beautiful woman will become me

On goes a shocking bright pink nail varnish, I thought very striking
Oh yes, this is definitely to my liking
It's time to put on Alice's pretty face
All takes time as the makeup goes perfectly into place
On goes the pink lipstick
As now Alice is coming alive and starts to tick

I am dressed as a sexy secretary
With accessories that are very complimentary
In my beautiful shiny blouse and pencil skirt
I think I will make heads turn, as men stop and flirt

JJ makes all my dreams come true
Especially when the dresses are in a gorgeous blue
I tried on loads of fabulous outfits
I look truly amazing especially with my falsey bits
It doesn't matter wherever you wear a skirt with lacy top, or a gorgeous dress

She will make sure your new look will most certainly impress
Sometimes being so slim, my dress needs a clip
Walking in high heels is tricky, ooh careful, better not slip

Last is a beautiful blue and white evening dress
This is so stunning it will definitely impress
The dress style is what they call asymmetric
And my whole look is just terrific

We took that many pictures the camera battery is now flat
But to you JJ, I bow and doff my hat
My time has ran out, so the clocks say
So a big massive "Thank You", to the beautiful JJ

It is now time to put Alice back in her ornate box
Taking off the each of the security locks
Off comes her dress, underwear, wig and pretty little face
Everything put carefully and neatly back into place
Let me out she shouts
But she can only live in small bouts
I will revive her at another time
When I have got my next dime

Upon leaving her apartment, I was on such a high
This is the very best service that money can buy
I leave for home now, and back to just being boring old me
But at least I will have all my lovely photos to remind me

I look forward to my next time
As I let Alice back out of her box, she says "ABOUT BLOODY TIME"
I don't know exactly when this will be
But at least my previous visits always fill me with such glee

If you are new to all of this
Then don't worry she will never boo or hiss
JJ has got a very friendly personality
As she gently sits you down and serves you coffee or tea
She will make you laugh with her good sense of humour

As she transforms you in her boudoir
JJ is a perfectionist, you will hear her say
But surely you wouldn't want it any other way
You can be a beautiful bride, sissy maid or a showgirl
And to top the look, wear a gorgeous necklace with pearl

Or maybe you are ready for a fancy ball
No matter what you choose, JJ caters for all
You can have all your pictures put on CD
For you and all your friends to see
So why not call for an appointment to book
And she will give you a whole new look


Well I hope that you all enjoyed the poem, as much as I enjoyed writing it.



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'