Crossdressing Service In Scotland


I had been married many years but had a well-hidden secret; I am a transvestite, crossdresser, TV and have visited a crossdressing service in Scotland. Also a few transformation shops because I love to cross dress, I just cannot help myself. Over the years I had gathered quite a collection of dresses, blouses and skirts together with some lovely lingerie, panties, bras and corsets. This was stored in a large suitcase that I put in the loft to escape detection.

My job involved travel around Scotland, from Edinburgh to Dundee, Aberdeen and as far as Inverness and Stirling. Not forgetting Glasgow of course where I always stayed at hotels so I got the opportunity to pack some feminine clothes and to crossdress up in the privacy of my room. I did find a crossdressing service in Scotland but only went once.

One day I returned home and put my suitcase on the bed briefly before I was distracted by a phone call, some issue in Glasgow I had to sort out. It lasted a good few minutes. When I returned to the bedroom I was shocked to find an empty suitcase confronting me. My wife had kindly unpacked my suitcase and had no doubt been shocked to find the female clothes. I was petrified - what was I to say? She would no doubt think the clothes belonged to another woman and that I had been unfaithful. I had to come clean and tell her all about the crossdressing service in Scotland that I had visited.

My wife had said nothing but obviously was waiting for an explanation. Haltingly, I sat her down and said that I had kept my crossdressing a secret from her and was sorry, but that I enjoyed cross dressing as a woman and always crossdressed when I was away in Scotland and had visited a crossdressing service in Scotland. The clothes she had unpacked were in fact mine. She was quiet, perhaps in shock, but then spoke.

"Do you wear make-up when you go to the crossdressing service in Scotland?"

"Yes, I like to be as convincing as possible, even though I crossdress alone in my Glasgow hotel room"

"And what about a female, feminine shape and any body hair?"

"Yes, I have some breast forms that I bought in Scotland and some padded bras, and also a few wigs." “I have never removed my body hair but would certainly love too, once when I was cross dressing in Glasgow I was very tempted to remove all my body hair with hair removal cream but thought how would I explain that one to you”?

We spoke for over an hour as she quizzed me about the crossdressing and the crossdressing service in Scotland. I assured her that I loved her and that I just enjoyed the sensation and experience of crossdressing and felt much better that it was no longer a secret.

We spoke more and more about it over the next few days and she made me reveal my whole stash of clothes, shoes, wigs and lingerie that I had been wearing at the crossdressing service in Scotland. She liked some of the clothes but not others and I enjoyed the interest and feminine eye she brought to things. Eventually, she asked me to pick out some clothes that I would like to wear and told me to crossdress for her as I did so many times in Scotland on my own, except for the crossdressing service in Scotland which I visited once. She promised to do my make-up and remove my body hair. She said she would pick out one item for me to wear - some black frilly panties that she had noticed that she thought would look sexy on me.

I picked out a padded satin bra and then a white satin blouse and a knee-length leather skirt, together with some glossy stockings and some medium black high heels. She took a look at me and then placed a towel around my shoulders and started my make-up. It was heaven to have her fuss over me, putting on my foundation, spending forever on my eye make-up, putting on a deep red lipstick with lots of lip gloss. Adding mascara and then putting on the long wig before brushing it into shape. At last, she was satisfied and she allowed me to look at myself in the mirror. I was thrilled to see the transformation and beamed from ear to ear and she smiled at my pleasure and made me promise never to go to a crossdressing service in Scotland again without her.

I was so happy that she was indulging me and that I could at last crossdress freely in front of her without guilt, without feeling like a freak because I certainly wasn’t, I am just a transvestite, TV or crossdresser whichever you want to call me.

She asked what I would like to do, and I admitted that ideally I would like to go out crossdressed and go shopping with her. She said she would think about that and asked me to walk around so she could see how I walked in my stiletto heels. She instructed me how to walk like a woman with my shoulders back and chest thrust out, how to walk more elegantly on high heels and how to sit. There was so much to learn! They never showed me any of this at the crossdressing service in Scotland, but I was glad of her advice. But all the time I was over the moon that she was allowing me to be what I wanted to be and she was taking a helpful interest.

She admitted that she found the idea of me wearing frilly feminine silky panties very sexy. She had a glint in her eye as she explained that she would allow me to crossdress as often as I liked as long as I promised never to hold any more secrets from her and that I should keep my panties on when I joined her in bed later. She giggled as she observed that I really should be wearing a girdle to hide things away and I blushed and was excited at the same time. I felt so relieved and happy that the burden of my secret crossdressing and my visit to the crossdressing service in Scotland was out. I felt all shame and embarrassment had been removed and that I was free to crossdress, and that my wife was enjoying the experience. She was such a star!

Then one day I was surfing the web and found Dress Me Up and had a wonderful girlie conversation with JJ who was extremely helpful. I told her all about the crossdressing service in Scotland antics and when I used to cross dress alone. I also told her about my wife knowing and JJ was very pleased as she said it was quite rare for wives or partners of the crossdresser to accept them as a transvestite or TV. From there on it was plain sailing, I told my wife all about JJ and Dress Me Up and she was quite happy for me to go and visit.

JJ thought it would be a good idea to do this write up for others to read. I must admit I am very lucky to have such an understanding wife and have found a dressing service she is happy for me to visit.

Kind regards


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'