Crossdressing Service In Bolton


Finding a crossdressing service in Bolton was not so difficult but I wanted more as I have been interested in crossdressing since my late teens, as it always fascinated me about men wanting to dress as a woman. But I only had chance to dabble in the art partially. I once wore a pair of my sister's black tights in my bedroom, the feel of the tights felt great against the bare skin of my legs. Ever since then I was hooked and tried to do it on more occasions, when the rest of the family was either out of the house, or just kept a listen out for anyone coming upstairs. But I only got far as wearing tights and my sister's dresses, and my mum's shoes. This happened more and more as I got into my twenties and thirties.

All this at the time felt good, but it never felt enough to satisfy me as I wasn't never fully dressed as a whole woman. So since I had my own flat, I thought about doing a bit of research into finding a crossdressing service in Bolton as it wasnít too close to home and far enough away from work. But after an extensive search on Google, I come across JJ's website; although it wasnít a crossdressing service in Bolton it was closer to home. Although straight away I could tell that she offered a very professional service for transforming men into beautiful women. The website was excellently laid out and everything was very easy to find. There are loads of photos of previous clients for you to look at, from beautiful brides to a showgirl to if you want to be a sexy secretary or wear a gorgeous evening dress or even something a bit naughty. JJ caters for all.

Summer came and went but at the end of September 2011, I finally plucked up the courage and booked a 4 hour appointment, for the following Wednesday, so soon my ultimate fantasy will become reality. On the morning of the appointment, I was nervous but so excited. On arriving at her apartment I was even more excited as I was just minutes away from entering her domain. If you think JJ looks amazingly beautiful on her website, just wait until you meet her in person, she looks even more gorgeous, my first thoughts were wow you look so gorgeous. You also very soon notice how stunning and elegant her apartment is. It is very posh looking with luxury furnishings and carpets throughout.

JJ sat me down in her lounge and offered me a cup of tea and biscuits, by now I was nervous, but JJ's very friendly personality and good sense of humour soon calmed me down. She asked me about my feelings and experiences as a crossdresser, then she asked me for a girl's name that I would like to be called, then I looked through a woman's magazine, to see which styles would suit me I told JJ that I have always wanted to be a bride, so JJ could now get to work her magic and start my transformation into Alice the bride.

I hung up my old clothes, and went to start my makeover, I was asked to sit on what I would only describe as a bit like a dentistís chair, only with none of the torture or dread that comes with going to the dentists. As soon as you walk into the room, it is very elegant looking, with loads and loads of dresses and outfits, and a beautiful dressing table.

First she did my nail varnish, pink at first but wasn't very noticeable, so once dry a nice deep red was carefully painted on, I thought very nice, very striking. Once they had dried, it was time to prepare Alice's face for the makeup to be applied. Which consisted of a facial to cleanse my face, to get rid of any last traces of dirt, and then she put on a face mask to make my skin softer and easier to apply my makeup. She darkened the room to leave my face mask to set, while I lied back, and relaxed to the soothing music after about 15 to 20 minutes JJ returned and started her magic of making me one of her beautiful brides. Foundation was applied, then she powdered my face, and then very, very carefully glued on false eyelashes, a very delicate task, so I was trying my very hardest not to move or blink, otherwise I will mess up JJ's hard work, I didnít want to move an inch. Through all of this I was wearing a hair band to keep my hair out of my face, and guess what, you guessed it, she used an Alice band, how very apt. Once my face was on I was starting to actually feel that I was a woman.

I then put on the gorgeous bridal dress that you can see on the website, the dress was a bit big for me as I am very slim so JJ had to put a clip on the back of the dress to bring the dress in a bit, a breathed a bit too hard which caused the clip to ping off, this annoyed JJ a bit, only kidding JJ. Next came a white fur stole, or is it a shawl in winter white? Then came the blonde wig, JJ said "that is so cute", but I wasn't allowed to look as the new me wasn't finished yet, but at least I knew from before what my, or should I say, Alice's face looked like. To compliment the dress, the veil, tiara, and the jewellery, and any last finishing touches to complete the look, to make Alice the beautiful, bride. JJ then asked me to close my eyes, walk a few steps towards the huge mirror on the wall, I had to walk very carefully as I was in high heels, not something I am yet used to, and to make sure nothing fell or pinged off. I was then asked to open my eyes, I was truly gobsmacked and speechless by my brand new look, I thought "WOW look at me, or Alice as I am now".

I was so amazed when I saw the end result, when I saw Alice looking back at me, I hardly recognised myself, I looked so cute and so beautiful. So a job well and truly done, and a big huge thank you to JJ for realising my dream, as we witnessed Alice come to life, even for just a few hours, it made me so happy and I just felt tingly all over. JJ took lots of photographs to capture the moment for all eternity. Some of which are on this website for all to see, so you can all see just how beautiful Alice is.

I was truly amazed with my transformation from the plain old boring me into such a beautiful young woman, all I needed was some pretty bridesmaidsí and a hunk of a man to marry lol. Now comes the sad part, it was now time to slowly and carefully disassemble Alice and put her back away into her box for safe keeping, you could almost hear Alice shouting to be let back out again, but sadly her time had ran out, but until next time. I took Alice's pretty face off and put my old man clothes back on, and I was back to being just a man, which saddened me as I wanted to be Alice again, I wanted to be Alice all day and even all the time.

If you are new to crossdressing or not, dress-me-up is the place to be for such a truly amazing and wonderful crossdressing service experience, you most certainly will not be disappointed, and that is a fact. So why not book an appointment and go along to have the experience of a lifetime in JJ's very capable hands and crossdressing service in Bolton didnít even come into the equation in the end.

Once again thank you to JJ for working your magic on me for such a very memorable and exciting time, and for making my ultimate fantasy come true, as you breathed life into my alter-ego.



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'