Crossdressing Room


The crossdressing room, where beautiful wedding dresses hang on the rails and immediately piquing your interest and just a touch of the fabric is to die for. But let us not get ahead of ourselves, although the Crossdressing room beckons, first the preparations must be made. Soon enough it will be time for you to enter the crossdressing room. You are keen with anticipation and nervous at the thought of achieving the womanly perfection you desire, yet oddly you cannot even see so far ahead as the crossdressing room where all will reach a climax. Each moment is savoured, awaiting JJ's next instruction.

First the lacy lingerie, the tightness of the bra giving the first hint of the pleasure to come. Stockings, eased over your toes and up your leg, every new touch of the nylon against the skin bringing fresh joy. Sheer Wolfords, stretching to the top of your thighs, JJ truly has a treat in store for you today. Fussing as ever with the suspenders, any lingering doubts disappearing as the fabric caresses your body. Time to be made up, a quick glance towards the crossdressing room as you walk towards JJ's boudoir, too quick to see anything, feeling yourself slip into a girly step. JJ looking her beautiful radiant self as ever is sitting by her dressing table which is covered with all the marvellous cosmetics you can't wait to have applied. Perhaps not all at once though.

Invited to take your place, you recline in the chair and begin to relax, happy thoughts of mascara, lipstick and nail polish in your mind. Your reverie is broken by JJ asking for your hand. She takes first your left hand and applies a clear base coat to your nail, then your right and does the same. A few happy words exchanged while you wait for the polish to dry and you learn that you are to be a bride in the crossdressing room. Your mind fills with the pictures you have seen and a contented happiness slips over you. Next the brilliant colour red is applied to your nails, you are transfixed by the heavenly appearance of your nails, enjoying the smell of the solvent you associate with the nail polish. Finally the top coat to give them the perfect shine.


A quick inspection reveals eyebrows to be trimmed, always that little thought at the back of your mind, will anyone notice your shaped eyebrows and say anything? Face cleansed, moisturised and then foundation applied to start the transformation of your face. Subdued eye shadow for the perfect look as a bride. Being pampered like this it is hard to tell how time is passing, you only know the bliss of such simple pleasures. Expectant thoughts of the Crossdressing room to come briefly flash through you mind as your make up takes shape. Eyes looking this way and that, half closed and looking down, all for the application of the mascara to add shape and body to your eye lashes.

Last but by no means least, lip liner and pinky red lipstick. Almost time for the crossdressing room but first you need your hair sorted out, JJ decides it will be long blond hair today. Now with the make-up complete and hair in place JJ allows you look at yourself in the mirror. Stunned by your beautiful appearance you can feel the joy welling up within you. How is this possible? All you can do is sit and admire yourself. Still not quite time for the crossdressing room and the bridal gown, though already so happy, you might wonder how much better you could feel. Silly thought really, in retrospect. What better than gold earrings to add focus to the ears, small but neatly complements the hair and make-up? Such a glorious feeling of the clasp grabbing the earlobe.

Neckline next, the initial chill of the rings and jewels followed by a continuing light but noticeable presence reminding you of it being there. All these little touches adding to the completeness of the transformation. Finally a couple of bracelets on my left wrist. Goodness, a light headiness comes over me for a moment as the blissful pleasure of being a bride builds. I must pull myself together for the crossdressing room. Ready for the bridal gown I follow JJ to the crossdressing room, what a marvellous surprise I find. The crossdressing room is full of all sorts of gowns to fit many shapes and sizes. You can feel yourself getting quite carried away with it all. As I stand admiring the selection JJ walks into the crossdressing room holding a fantastic pair white high heeled shoes.


When did she leave? She must have gone out and found them while I was totally absorbed by the dresses around me. Although a bit tight the shoes are well worth the squeeze because they look so good on. Remember girls, no pain no gain. With so many bridal gowns in the crossdressing room it is just as well JJ is an excellent judge of what will suit each bride-to-be. Trying on the different dresses in the crossdressing room was fun, not least because JJ was there to offer her support to stop me falling over. Makes me think it would be a joy to go shopping with her. Warnings were necessary as well, there I was forgetting all the make up on my face, and clearly something Iím not used to. There would have been trouble if I had dirtied one her gorgeous gowns.

In the end JJ chose one in the crossdressing room which would go with a hoop under the skirt, now there was something special. A large swaying hoop of fabric to force the skirt out into an extended shape, and there I was leaning from side to side letting the hoop swing. Oh the simple pleasures of a bride-to-be in the crossdressing room. For a while I thought we would have problems with doing the gown up but the tight fit made things all the better. The constriction caused me to be all the more aware of the gown encasing my body. Almost there, while we were in the crossdressing room JJ completed the look by trying different ways of styling my hair, adding a veil and tiara. Of course I couldn't see any of this, all I knew was that I was in seventh heaven, a bride, with JJ fussing over me.

I ask you, what could be more enjoyable. When JJ was satisfied with my appearance she allowed me to look at myself in the crossdressing room mirror. Oh my, I looked divine, and felt blissfully happy and content to see myself as a bride. JJ and her crossdressing room had excelled themselves and brought out the true woman in me. Well not quite everything because the crossdressing room can only achieve so much. There is one extra element that JJ adds, hypnosis so you can intensify your feelings as a woman. Unlike the crossdressing room which alters your external appearance, hypnosis works from within. This time JJ chose to leave me with suggestions of developing my breasts and now a few days later her words are having a magical effect. Her words together with memories of the crossdressing room still fresh in my mind complete my transformation.


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'