Crossdressing Photography Studio


Hello, dear JJ

I really want to thank you so much especially for the most recent dressing session although every crossdressing moment with you has been so memorable. Every second with you has been so special. Feminine fun at its best! Right from the moment we met on my first crossdressing photography studio appointment. I remember that day so well: I was so nervous I could not hardly knock on the door to your luxury apartment; I rattled my coffee cup in nervous anticipation of what was to come. But you settled my nerves so quickly.

Little did I know then what I know now. The fabulous, movie star crossdressing photography studio appointment moments to come. I now regard you as a dear friend, counsellor, makeup beautician, fashion guru and most recently portrait photographer. Is there no end to your crossdressing photography studio talent? I really hope that any girls reading this will pick up the phone, hear your reassuring voice and make that crossdressing photography studio appointment just as I did.



You have helped me to achieve a level of femininity that I thought was not possible, as well as to give me the confidence to have a truly wonderful crossdressing photography studio afternoon out dressed with you as my guide. We must do that again. Soon! Very soon!!

This crossdressing photography studio appointment was special because, with your newly acquired photography skills, you wanted to do some boudoir photographs with me wearing gorgeous satin and lace lingerie. Quality, you said not quantity; and quality it most certainly was. You have recently taken your photographic skills to another fantastic level to produce beautiful images of your girls on your T-girl websites. Entering your gorgeous luxury crossdressing photography studio apartment, we greeted like friends should; and then chatted over coffee. The coffee cup steady in my hand now. You always look so amazing. So welcoming.

I changed into silky soft lingerie and smooth luxurious Wolford stockings. Now, I felt very special and was ready to be made to look beautiful on this latest crossdressing photography studio visit. Bright red nails applied, a relaxing facial and application of a face mask came next, then time to relax and enjoy the soft music while I just hear you moving in the background setting up the photographic studio. Time to think of beautiful feminine things: such as jewellery, perfume, make-up, silk and satin lingerie and stylish clothes, exotic holidays or eating and drinking in fine restaurants with perhaps you as my dinner guest girls together on a fun night out. Then you worked your crossdressing photography studio makeup magic and I was transformed into a beautifully made-up lady, with beautiful eyes and glossy kiss-me lips.

For this session, we tried several of your new blonde wigs but we agreed the longer hair was best. I hope that anyone looking at my photos here will agree that it really brings out the best in me. Then the moment of dressing for my crossdressing photography studio appointment arrived. You dressed me in a fabulously expensive red satin nightdress and white flowing negligee with long lace sleeves all the way from the boudoirs of the East. I was allowed a look in the long mirror. I was a Hollywood 50s film star awaiting my adoring fans or waiting for my leading man so I could seduce him. Oh, I felt so wonderfully feminine in every way in your crossdressing photography studio.

You escorted me into your prepared crossdressing photography studio awash with red silk where you asked me to take up a variety of poses, sitting and lying for the crossdressing photographs surrounded by silk cushions and a white fur wrap. You had turned me into a glamour model as you took dozens of pictures, getting the right position of my head, arms and legs, moving the satin just to the right position to reveal stocking tops, constantly adjusting the lingerie and hair to get those perfect crossdressing photography studio pictures which you (and I) want; and encouraging me to smile. You want only perfection. What was so important is that you said so many times how fabulous I looked, enhancing my femininity and making me feel so very special. Finally, I think you got the composition you needed and seeing the pictures, they are amazing. You want so much to capture those special moments.

I was so grateful to receive those crossdressing photography studio pictures a few days later.

What next time? Perhaps a wedding crossdressing photography studio appointment session or pictures wrapped in one of your beautiful fur coats.

Thank you so much for the day. You have made me so happy as always. I hope other girls reading this will want the same so I hope they phone you so they can experience what I have over the last year or so, the best crossdressing photography studio ever.

My love, Suzanne xx


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'