Crossdressing Birmingham


Well, here I was, wondering if I would ever find the perfect crossdressing Birmingham service. I dressed a little in my teens: I suppose the usual mother’s clothes stuff. But, because I was still living at home with my parents, my opportunities to dress became fewer and fewer. And then this side of me pretty much disappeared, the carefree girl that Amy was could no longer be as I completely accepted my role as carer to them, my elderly parents. Then sadly they both passed away a few years ago, not long after one another. My dreams of becoming a real crossdressing Birmingham glamour puss seemed to be no more than simply idle dreams. Before too long though, I began dressing again it made me happy and crossdressing Birmingham Amy emerged from her midlands cocoon ready to be a pretty woman. Eagerly waiting until she found the perfect dressing service for her midlands crossdressing transformation to begin. I was now living alone and there was absolutely no reason to hold back.



And, although I did not fully understand this, the crossdressing Birmingham woman within me was longing to be free, needing so much to be released. After a while I realised that I wanted more expert help and yearned to be dressed by a real woman. Crossdressing Birmingham Amy knew that she needed help. I made many Internet searches, first typing in ‘crossdressing Birmingham’ and ‘crossdressing service Birmingham’ to see what might come up. I searched and nothing seemed right. But then one website kept attracting my attention. Whatever I looked at, I always seemed to return to one very special place for this crossdressing Birmingham girl: and this was JJ’s Dress Me Up website.

I cannot believe just how many days I wasted before contacting her. But I suppose so many girls like me have lost precious time before making contact. I eventually decided to contact her via email with a couple of questions, her reply ended with the words “Please get in touch with me, you only live once.” How true I thought. So after a couple more days needless procrastination, I decided that crossdressing Birmingham Amy was not going to waste another second! I plucked up the courage very nervously to pick up the phone. And as soon as we began to speak I realised that my anxieties were evaporating fast. And the appointment for this crossdressing Birmingham girl was made.



The day arrived and, still feeling nervous, I approached JJ’s fabulous apartment. She opened the door and welcomed me in; and then we had a ‘get to know you’ chat over a cup of tea. Then it was time for my crossdressing Birmingham transformation to begin. First stop was the bathroom to change into the exquisite lingerie laid out for me: a beautiful black lacy bra and panties, black stockings, pink satin baby doll nightie and matching gown. I felt like heaven! Then to my crossdressing Birmingham makeup room for JJ to perform her magic transforming me from a 60 something 14 stone male to a gorgeous woman. Then she helped me choose and select a suitable wig. The third one I tried was perfect, JJ decided: at this point I could not see myself for my eyes were closed tight.



She said this is going to take 15 years off this crossdressing Birmingham lady: so, now open your eyes: and, wow! Was it really me sat there? Yes, this crossdressing Birmingham girl had truly arrived and, if I have anything to do with it, Amy is really here to stay! Then to the other end of the room, back to all the mirrors. JJ dressed me in a short black skirt with a pale blue satin blouse, ear rings necklace and bracelets plus of course high heeled shoes. Now, she said, you can turn around to see a really amazing look. Then a visit to JJ’s boudoir for crossdressing Birmingham photos to be taken. Quickly back to the dressing room for a change of top: this was so exciting – I felt just like the most gorgeous model. This time JJ said we would go for a risqué look, leaving the top unbuttoned to show off the gorgeous bra I was wearing.

Double wow!! Crossdressing Birmingham Amy was stunning; and she was me! Then it was back for photos again. By now my nerves had long melted away. I remembered her words: about living just once. And now I was living my life now in the way I really wanted. Overall this was a truly wonderful six star experience. All down to a beautiful, caring and talented lady also with a great sense of humour: JJ was able to bring crossdressing Birmingham Amy fully to life. As I write this I have just returned from my second visit to JJ’s this time booking a longer crossdressing Birmingham appointment: making it much more leisurely this time, starting with a full facial. My first (and certainly not my last) ….Mmm heaven!



Then after makeup, JJ dressed me as a beautiful bride in a gorgeous lace gown with all the trimmings. I felt sensational as I gazed at myself in the mirror. JJ had me walking up and down the aisle! And my crossdressing Birmingham mind was in a complete whirl, I must admit I had to stop myself from crying as my eyes welled with tears. Goodness I really didn’t want the mascara to run. Then photos followed by lunch and just enough time to change into a lovely pink dress for more photos. Any one reading this considering a makeover, please don’t hesitate do it: you won’t regret it. And the girl within you will thank you forever! The legend on the website of “Who says dreams can’t come true” is so fitting. After my second visit I almost feel that JJ now knows more about this crossdressing Birmingham girl Amy than I do myself, and I just can’t wait for my next visit to come around.

Thank you JJ for changing my crossdressing Birmingham life for the better. And forever. Amy



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'