Crossdresser Hair Removal


Every girl loves to have smooth silky skin so obviously that pesky hair has to go and what’s called for is crossdresser hair removal. How though, we all know the choices: shaving, depilatory creams or waxing, but which is it to be? Wet shaving with all that shaving foam and water everywhere is such a palaver. Simple dry shaving is quick and easy but risks razor burn on sensitive skin giving an unsightly red rash no girl wants that. Both result in spiky regrowth which can cause itchy skin. So what is the perfect crossdresser hair removal solution?


Waxing, now isn’t that painful? Only a professional service can make sure those hard to reach bits are properly removed. Leaving only depilatory creams for crossdresser hair removal, unfortunately these have a bad reputation because of an association with malodour associated with the active ingredient and like wet shaving have the impression of being a chore to use. In the spirit of finding the truth I decided to test five different hair removal creams. The five I choose were: Veet “Silk and Fresh for Normal Skin”, Veet “Silk and Fresh for Sensitive Skin”, Veet “In shower Silk and Fresh”, Boots “Smooth Care for Sensitive Skin” and Nair “Tough Hair”. For each of the five creams I looked at the ease of application, their smell, and side effects. In particular whether they caused skin irritation and no girl wants irritated skin just the perfect crossdresser hair removal.

All the hair removal creams I tested have the same active ingredient, potassium thioglycolate, and this works by breaking the disulfide bonds in keratin weakening the hair allowing it to be scraped away. The choice of product isn’t that wide with only a few on the market and the principal difference between these being whether they are for use on normal skin or on sensitive skin. In practise this simply means more thioglycolate in the products for normal skin resulting in shorter treatment times, typically 3-5 minutes.

Hair removal creams for sensitive skin take longer 6-10 minutes and are also formulated with moisturisers to protect the skin. For any hair removal cream you must not exceed the stated limit otherwise you can guarantee skin irritation, Yuk we don’t want that. Anyway all the creams worked within the stated maximum times, so if the job isn’t finished then you didn’t apply the cream properly in the first place, whoops. Every product had clear instructions so don’t be a dizzy blond and read them correctly. Each came with applicators of various designs with built in edges for scraping the hair off when ready for great crossdresser hair removal. Unlike the others the Veet “In Shower” is designed to be applied before going into the shower and so used a sponge. One advantage of the Veet “In Shower” should be all the cream can be washed away without having to remove it from the spatula bit by bit in a bowl of water.

For the purposes of my test I applied the hair removal cream to test patches about 10 cm x 10 cm either on my legs, chest or stomach perfect for crossdresser hair removal. In any case before using any hair removal cream you must try it out on a test patch of skin and wait for 24 hours to see if there is any adverse reaction before applying more widely. One thing which did worry me before I started was how rushed I’d be trying to apply the cream and then remove it before the maximum time was up.

Consequently I was very pleasantly surprised how all of the creams were easy to apply, just squeeze out a length of the cream onto the applicator and spread out over the test patch, to give a thick even covering over the hair. Only took about 50 seconds for the test patches I used. For some reason though the Boots “Smooth Care” was a more fluid cream which made applying somewhat harder than all the other and seemed to be messier when used. The Veet “In shower” was also harder to apply because the sponge tended to spread the cream out more making it harder to give a thick covering.


All the creams were cool to the skin when applied and none gave any hint of an adverse reaction during the time they were on my skin. All gave rather pleasant smells masking the odour associated with the thioglycolate very effectively. When it came to removing the hair, the creams for normal hair suggested trying after 3 minutes while those for sensitive skin after 6 minutes. None of the creams worked this soon, all required a minute or so longer. Sometimes it was difficult to tell whether the longer period was simply because the cream tended to be thinner on the edges where I started. Not that this really mattered because in all cases, except the Veet “In Shower”, the hair came away and all the test patch could be cleared before the maximum time on the skin was up.

One problem with the Veet In shower is that some washed away despite keeping the test patch away from the direct shower stream so that the hair removal was patchy. Removing the cream was less messy than I thought it would be, all you had to do was scrape a strip and clean the spatula with your fingers in a bowl of water then scrape another strip. I’m sure practice would make it even easier. Perhaps if you are treating a larger area the Veet “In Shower” would be less fuss but in this test it caused as many problems as it solved, not the least being knowing how long I had to wait before I started to remove it, was this the perfect crossdresser hair removal?

Although there was a lot of clock watching during these tests and I know us girls get impatient and its tiresome if had to be done regularly this was just to make sure I didn’t exceed the exposure times. Having tried out the creams I would wait about 4-5 minutes from the time I started applying the cream to the first removal and then work methodically to remove the hair and cream for the perfect crossdresser hair removal.

Immediately after removing the cream and washing with warm water the skin was a pale pink and smooth, showing minor irritation for all except one cream. Only the Veet “Silk and Fresh for Normal Skin” left my skin unblemished, oh I like this cream ideal for crossdresser hair removal. Nevertheless after 10 minutes my skin looked normal for all the hair creams I tested. Even more importantly no adverse reactions were seen for any of the creams 24 hours later. Consequently, all of the creams I tested could be used to remove my body hair. An added bonus all left my skin with a pleasant fragrance and no hint of thioglycolate, perfect for crossdresser hair removal.

To sum up, all the creams I tested worked within the times stated. None gave me an adverse reaction and all left pleasant smells after use. The Veet “In Shower” product, though an interesting idea, didn’t really seem to work as well. Washing off in the shower too easily though this may be related to the difficulty in getting a thick enough coating in the first place. Before testing I thought I would prefer a product for sensitive skin because of concerns about my skin being irritated but having seen no problems with the product for normal skin I prefer this one because there is less hanging around waiting for it to work. Overall my ranking for the best crossdresser hair removal cream is:

Crossdresser Hair Removal Cream Rankings


1. Veet “Silk and Fresh for Normal Skin”

2. Nair “Tough Hair”

3. Veet “Silk and Fresh for Sensitive Skin”

4. Boots “Smooth Care for Sensitive Skin”

5. Veet “In Shower Silk and Fresh”

Therefore girls for the perfect crossdresser hair removal cream the number 1 slot goes to Veet “Silk and Fresh for Normal Skin”. Round of applause and just be careful dashing downs those shopping aisles in six inch heels to grab the fabulous crossdresser hair removal cream of your dreams.

Hugs Nigella Satin,

Your trusty product tester for crossdresser hair removal creams.


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