Cross Dressing T-girl


For the curious male wishing to explore his female side, then JJ's boudoir is a perfect place to start your journey. I am a secret cross dressing t-girl and just had to have this experience after waiting and wondering for years.

Having finally built up enough courage to contact and go to a dressing service, I was extremely nervous as I approached my destination. My heart was pounding. Soon enough however, JJ put me at ease. I felt relaxed, safe and very comfortable in her immaculate apartment. We chatted for a while before the transformation commenced.

I was asked to put on pink chiffon 'baby doll - it felt great against my skin and surprisingly natural for me to do. This was a little scary, but exciting at the same time. The next phase was to undergo what was an amazing facial message and scented bath. By now I was feeling more feminine by the second and having new experiences. It was lovely.

After the scented bath it was time for the make-up transformation. The instruction was clear from JJ. No peeping until completion. We sat and talked like good friends, whilst she applied her 'magic'. The final stage was to slip into a beautiful silk and very expensive wedding dress and apply the auburn wig. Fastening up the back buttons of the dress made it a perfect fit. I still hadn't any idea what the outcome would be.

Then, JJ asked me to take a look in the mirror. Wow! Yes - it was enlightening - the whole experience. I feel a lot more complete as a person and love being in touch with my feminine side.

Thank you JJ for making it happen.





'Who said, dreams can't come true?'