Crossdressing Service - London


I have been crossdressing since I discovered the silky slips and directoire knickers of my Grandmother which were conveniently stored in my bedroom as a child. I just loved the silky feel of the garments but at that time didn't quite know why.

As with many TVs I grew out of the inclination to dress as I moved into my teens and found that the huge rush of discovering girls could be more fun than rugby, football and cricket fuelled a mission to get around as many as I could but increasingly found I was attracted by what they were wearing as much as what they looked like.

Then came discovery of Hitchcock films where all the girls were glamorous, perfectly made up, drop dead gorgeous and dressed to perfection. All this stuff was swirling around my head; was it the girls I loved or the clothes or both? And I knew that I remembered loving the feel of silky panties and slips...

Ripple dissolve and I come across the concept of 'transvestite' discovering that these mixed up feelings were not unique to me. Phew I'm not alone and not a pervert! How to deal with this situation was my next challenge. In time, I discovered crossdressing service in London and as I got older and earned more money I could afford to use them.

But after 20 years or so of this I remained unfulfilled. I loved dressing up but never felt I looked more than a bloke in women's clothes, in spite of being slim, short and not unattractive (so I was told). I always thought there must be somewhere that could make more of me but I didn't know where to go. One day my surfing brought me to I was knocked out by the picture of JJ. Visually, she was gorgeous, perfectly made up, coiffure and dressed, representing everything I loved and aspired to recreate.

I emailed and called and was immediately engaged by her one and sense of humour. I determined I had to find a way of getting an appointment even though I live in London and she is based in the North West. Eventually, a business trip took me to Cheshire so I quickly arranged a visit to JJ.

I turned up at her apartment feeling nervous. This was amplified as in person she is if not better than her pictures simply divine but she quickly put me at my ease; we had a bit of banter and I felt as thought I had known her for years. That's quite a skill!

We talked for a while about what kind of look I like and a host of other things. I felt as though she very quickly worked out what I would like and what would work. We moved to the transformation room and she got started on my makeup. All the time I felt far more relaxed than I had anticipated and we laughed and giggled like a couple of old friends.

She was a perfectionist in the application of the makeup but after some time she felt happy enough to let me get up from the chair and get me dressed (I had hitherto been covered by a slinky silky dressing robe that felt fab!) She asked if I would like to become her 'sugar plum fairy', dressed as a 'pink sissy' in lashings of the most feminine pink underwear, petticoats and dress you can imagine. Who was I to argue and I got dressed with her help. Eventually she told me that I was ready and she let me see myself in the mirror.

It was a jaw dropping moment. All I could see was the most gorgeous pink sissy and it was me!!! .My fantasy brought to life. My mother wouldn’t have recognised me. And I felt brilliant!

How JJ does this I don't know. Time races by with her. She's great fun, has a great sense of humour and really knows what she's doing. I see JJ as often as circumstances allow. If you're a TV who's not sure whether you should visit banish the thought and make the appointment you won't regret it.



'Who said, dreams can't come true?'