Cross-dressing Panties


I can imagine my appearance on a future edition of Mastermind, specialist subject 'Cross-dressing panties'. Marilyn Pink your chosen subject is ‘Cross-dressing panties’. Specifically womens’ knickers and panties from 2000 to 2012. To discover the reason for my encyclopaedic knowledge of the most interesting subject of cross-dressing panties and knickers we have to go back a long way. I was just about seven years old when the girls at school began to tuck their dresses into their knickers at playtime, to make skipping and ball games easier. I was immediately envious - the boys had to make do with floppy underpants and short trousers which were very boring.

No cross-dressing panties for me. I can still remember the colours sported by different girls in my class, so this is where my passion as a cross dresser in panties has its roots and where it all started.

It was nearly ten years later that I parted with a very sweaty five shillings (that’s 25 pence for our younger readers), in the local branch of Woollies. I walked out with a pair of fetching pink nylon cross-dressing panties with a see-thru section above each leg. Little did I know that they were the first of very many pairs of cross-dressing panties as I went through all the stages of one who is born to dress.

I had got to the ‘married, with a suitcase in the loft’ stage when, out of the blue, came separation and divorce proceedings. Suddenly I was on my own, free to indulge my own desires, and free to wear cross-dressing panties whenever I pleased.I began to rapidly increase Marilyn’s wardrobe, experimenting with every sort and shape of garment. Most significantly I started to wear cross-dressing panties every day as a matter of routine and my cross-dressing panties was by this stage definitely up and running. Choosing the right pair of cross-dressing panties for the day ahead became the most important decision I had to make. And so began the search for the perfect cross-dressing panties.

I left no stone unturned, no shop unvisited and no pair of cross-dressing panties untried as I learned to appreciate the vital differences.The bare bottomed cheek of a thong, the practical, all encompassing feel of a full brief, the silky sensuous allure of cross-dressing panties, or the bullying push and pull of an industrial strength panty-girdle. As I progressed I looked closely for more subtle variations. For instance, I eliminated shorts and Brazilian panties from my cross-dressing panties quest as not being at all comfortable.

It became more and more difficult to find anything new.I became a true collector of cross-dressing panties. As my collection continues to grow I have, from experience, come to several conclusions. Firstly, pretty is not necessarily practical. We all know that ‘must have those’ feeling which often ends in disappointment in front of the mirror. Secondly, a bit of stretch is worth a lot in the search for the perfect fit. Modern fabrics are wonderful for that ‘wrapped around’, cozy feeling. There is not a lot of point in wearing cross-dressing panties or knickers if they don’t feel like panties or knickers. Thirdly the price is not necessarily a guide to what works best for you.

Cross-dressing panties that cost less than £2 each can fit and feel better than £40 luxury items. Fourthly, if buying in the high street always check that the size on the panties or knickers is right - never trust what it says on the hanger. Matalan is the worst offender in this respect. Fifthly never go out for the day in untested underwear, especially if you intend to engage in any sporting activity. (I was referring to cycling actually). Being chaffed by tough elastic for hours can scar you mentally and physically - trust me. And finally - if you MUST wear cross-dressing panties or knickers with suspenders attached make sure you buy the tightest that you can get into.

The feeling you get when your stockings start pulling your knickers down while out and about is interesting but difficult to deal with - again, you can trust me on this point. I said that my cross-dressing panties collection continues to grow. It might surprise you to know that it presently totals over 1300 pair of panties or knickers (It certainly surprised JJ!). There is some duplication as one sometimes has to buy them in packs and I often buy the same style in different colors. Rather like a stamp collector after a rarity I trawl the aisles looking for anything which I have not already got, but buying only if I feel they are right for me. I get a very special buzz from choosing and buying whilst out as Marilyn.

Despite me not being the most passable transvestite out there no shop assistant has ever batted an eyelid. My knickers’ or panties collection is housed in a variety of boxes, suitcases, drawers and bags. About 50 pairs have yet to be worn, except for a quick try- on when I got them home. Slipping into brand new satin panties is a lovely feminine feeling, and perhaps that is the reason why I feel the compulsion to keep on collecting.Two questions remain unanswered. First of all, where will it all end? Will I eventually have to move house to get more space? And the second question is what will happen to my hoard when I finally go to the great lingerie department in the sky? That’s my idea of heaven by the way. Should I leave them to the nation in my will? Anyway, enough about cross-dressing panties and knickers - would you like to hear about my collection of nightwear? Best wishes to all you girls out there.

Marilyn x

P.S What did the knickers say to the briefs?

‘Well we may have been dropped a few times but at least we’ve never been pushed to one side!’


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'