Cross-dressing Advice


My Experience with JJ at 'Dress Me Up' was one which will stay with me forever she is so knowledgeable with cross-dressing advice. Relaxing in the feminine surroundings of her amazing cross-dressing boudoir to seeing my true colours of my female self shine when I was asked to take a peek in the mirror, I hardly recognised myself. JJ is everything a CD or TV would want in a dressing consultant, giving her cross-dressing advice, and friend she knows just how to release the inner girl and let her loose.

The make-up was second to none, and made me realize just how much work I need to do to achieve the results she did with me, everything was perfect. I was talked through with excellent cross-dressing advice how to apply each stage of the make-up from foundation to lipstick and mascara, I felt like a princess.

Cross-dressing Advice from JJ

The dressing experience was a dream, JJ knew the types of outfits I liked and chose something that was really special, I didn't want to take it off her cross-dressing advice is invaluable. The photo shoot session was so much fun, playing around with different poses and some wonderful cross-dressing advice tips from JJ, she knows all the correct positions and 'small steps' which really bring out your curves and she is also a whizz with the "touch-ups" just to enhance those feminine 'attributes'.

All in all the experience was magical and I will be visiting again and hopefully sampling some of her world famous feminization hypnosis sessions. Ashley wants to be around all the time and as I get older she wants to be free more and more.

I believe JJ is intending to offer a cross-dressing advice page on her blog plus an agony aunt page with cross-dressing advice: now that will be really interesting.

Love Ashley x

Cross-dressing Advice and Tips

If you are new to the whole idea of cross-dressing or just now exploring the art of cross dressing, JJ has so many really good cross-dressing advice and tips. Shopping for the clothing itself whether it is browsing for lingerie online or better yet browsing for a cute bra and panties set while cross-dressed is a daunting task to most but JJ will happily take you out dressed and give her true opinion, the very best cross-dressing advice, on how you look when trying clothes on. Do remember there are no laws in this country about cross-dressing therefore shopping for clothes and girly products should not be a problem. And if you are not quite ready to go out there are hundreds if not thousands of outlets on the internet for cross-dressers. Great places to shop on the internet for a bargain is Ebay and you can always ask JJ to have the goods delivered to her. Be thankful that there are people like JJ with her cross-dressing advice and tips to assist you in your initial cross-dressing experience.


'Who said, dreams can't come true?'